Autumn Working Meet 13-14th October


Also chiz don’t know if anyone’s volunteered yet but I’m happy to cook again if helpful


@guyarnold yay!! Super chefs lasagne order please. It was yummy :smiley: happy to assist :+1:


Hi Peter, Oakwood is handy for me. Can I nab one of your spaces?


Sure Surgio


No worries Lukas, have a good catch up with your brother, see you at the next one, cheers


Lasagne AND crumble please?

I will try and bring up either a load of Bramleys or my pears may be ready. Lashings of custard. Obvs.

Ok working with Martin? :wink:

You ok doing breakfast too? Remember, Paul want’s it all to be done and dusted by 6:30am so he can get off climbing, so no faff please!


HELP needed…is anyone coming up with a 4wd or a van, fuel money paid? We have to go get full gas bottles and get them and 180 slates up the hill…

My van will hopefully get up to the Barn, but that’s still a way to carry the stuff, although many hands make light work.


I’m in. Will see if I can get the car but might need a lift.


Reports of a minor few electrical issues, any sparks coming?!?


any more for any more? I’ve added names to spreadsheet but please do fill in the info so we know how much food to get, and how much work we can get done.

There is a need for two volunteers for the laundry run (to Plas Y Brenin), and probably a gas bottle run to Llanwrst or Caernavon.

Guy is cheffing again, Martin to help, fantastic faff-free food! Can you guys get the food supplies in? Can I have a volunteer for toilet roll bulk aquisition please?

Can I also have a volunteer in London to coordinate the lift situation next week as it’s probably easier for one of you that knows where you all are.


I have detached the camping pod from my Hilux, so I could drive up with a 4x4 pickup if needed. I have some battery problems atm but hoping to get it all sorted by then.

I am yet to convince my co-pilot that another trip to Wales is a great idea :smiley:


Afternoon Chiz
I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass this time - it’s my birthday that weekend and the family are taking me camping/walking…

Hope you have a productive weekend!


Hi Kris, that could be very useful as we have a gas run to do, plus potentially slates to get up the hill (hoping they can deliver in 4x4), thanks. Trips to Wales are always a good idea!


Sorry you can’t make it, I’ll have birthday drinks on my own then, can you email me the RAMS if you get a second? I put them somewhere…

Have a good weekend and catch up soon


I’ll raise a glass to us both, don’t you worry :beers::tumbler_glass::wink:

No problem on the RAMS - I’ll dig them out later and send them over.


Hi Chiz - I’m happy to coordinate lifts.

Can people make sure they fill out the spreadsheet with:
(a) If they have a car
(b) Where they live (no need for specific address please - gdpr nightmare)
and then early next week I will allocate lifts?

I’m also happy to buy food - will do on the way up and Catrin and Paul can help me! Will mean one fewer space in my car.



Here you go…

NLMC hut works method statement spring 2018.docx (25.7 KB)

NLMC hut works risk assessment spring 2018.docx (641 KB)


Ketchup and pasta for everybody


Thanks Guy, appreciate it.

I will try and bring apples/pears for the crumble, will confirm before leaving. Ignore Paul, lasagne please. Looks like no vegetarians so far.
Big box of tea, big bag of sugar and some coffee.

Can we get a bulk bog roll purchaser please from another car (100 rolls!), Club should be able to sub the money in advance


We have a delivery of logs ordered for the Saturday, so there will be plenty of log stacking to do!