Autumn Working Meet 13-14th October


I’m going to be a shirker I’m afraid, already committed for that weekend. Thanks to everyone who is contributing.



Hi Chiz, unlikely to be able to travel (and would be of limited use right now), but will do my best to send baked goods along :slight_smile:


I can make it to this! Also up for arriving a day earlier/leaving late if anyone is up for getting some extra (low grade) climbing in.


Don’t pay petrol money. Allen Bordoley


I won’t. My car is a diesel


Richard, Don’t be rude to your betters and /or elders. You know exactly what I mean.

Allen B.

Your tuen to make tea in the morning now…


Hi Paul, I’m keen on doing a bit more climbing so happy to stay an extra day depending if I have a ride home afterwards. Also quite new at trad so vdiff and easy severes would be my choice. Don’t have gear though


Great to see so many signing up, plenty to do but many hands make light work.

Work permitting I’ll be going up the day before (probably to drive around getting slates and gas :frowning: ) and stay on after for at least a day if weather is ok. Will have rack and ropes, but probably my dog, so single pitch venues.


Sadly I can’t make this working meet as, conveniently, I’m leaving the UK on Sat 13th…
P.S. if you’re in London and free on Sun Oct 7th, please come to the Castle to say hello / goodbye, climb & eat cake. See below:


I can attend and can take passengers from Oakwood Friday eve till Sunday eve.



I will be there and should have two spaces from london





Could I bag a space please Peter!




Sure thing Matt.


Hey Sergio, that would work great. I am, however, also missing my own transport, so guess the logistics could be a challenge. May have to play it by ear!


sorry you can’t make it Tutu, and that I can’t make your send off. Was good to meet you and all the best on the next steps down the road!


thank you Chiz, sorry I won’t get a chance to see you before I leave. But I hope to come back next summer and I’d love to join the next Skye trip!


See you in Scotland then! enjoy Spain


Hi chiz - my plans have changed so I’m planning on coming now. Will fill in the spreadsheet. Hopefully can finally make my plastering attempts from last time look like grotesque.


Hi Chiz,

I confused dates and we won’t be able to join the working meet. My brother is coming for a visit. For some reason I had in mind the he is coming the week after the meet. Super sorry guys – we’ll make up for this next time!