Autumn Working Meet 13-14th October


I have a preference for physical activities if possible so happy to stack logs, haul gas, etc.


Same here.



Hi Guy,

I’m driving from London Friday, taking Martin + Naomi, and Paul (Hobden). The car’s a 4-seater. Not able to access the spreadsheet unfortunately (I-Phone issues), although Martin may already have updated it,



Everyone will be doing some cleaning, beyond that we’ll try and accommodate people’s preferences!


I’d like to join as well, as long as there is a lift available! I don’t seem to be able to access the spreadsheet at the moment, would someone be able to add my details to the list?

I’ll be free from 5pm on Friday and am based in kings cross, although I’ll happily make my way to wherever people are leaving from.




Will add you in Tom, lifts will be co-ordinated next week, see you there, cheers


Sorry @chizharward, Tim and I won’t be able to join you at this working meet. Tim’s had his work trip to Norway confirmed for this week. Hope to catch up with you another time!



No problem Manchi, thanks both for all your help on past meets, hope to catch up with you soon


Hi all,
thanks to everyone who has said they are coming, looking to be another good meet. We should get a lot done and have a good social, and hopefully get out on the hill on Sunday.

Lift situation is looking good, @guyarnold will sort the remaining lifts out, can everyone check the spreadsheet (@mortim91 are you omnivore/veggie, and are you club member?).

it’s looking a bit moist over the weekend, so old waterproofs and change of clothes. We have a number of jobs to do outside, notably finishing the roof, and these will be happening. There will also be gas bottles to take down/swap/take up. Expect to get wet for some of one day, but also to dry off in front of the burner.

Given the weather things will take longer than usual, and it is likely that we will NOT get everything finished on the Saturday. We will finish up as early as we can on the Sunday.

Khalid, you were going to bring your plumbing tools for the tap?

Space will be tight in the Cottage as we will be giving it a deep clean, so please bring minimal climbing gear and leave it in vehicles or at the Barn (once the hall has been cleaned) rather than bringing up to Cottage.

I’ll be up from Friday lunchtime unloading slates in the rain (!), and work permitting up Monday as well if anyone is staying on,
Looking forward to it!


For those that haven’t been on a working meet before, the format is:

  • most people will turn up late on Friday night at the Cottage, hopefully we can sort out who would like to do what on the meet.

  • If you have any medical conditions etc please tell me so we can make sure you’re ok with what we ask you to do

  • Saturday morning is communal breakfast cooked by Guy, Martin and Naomi, we will provide a couple of sausage/egg baps, plus milk, tea and coffee. If you want anything else bring it, but communal cooking gets priority!

  • we start with a short briefing at 9am, for insurance purposes we need to go through risk assessments. If in doubt about anything during the day ask me! I’ll delegate out a ganger for each hut to coordinate jobs through the day

  • we kick off with everyone helping with a deep clean of both buildings.

  • two people to take laundry to Plas y Brenin to wash and dry (takes most of day)

  • one person to get gas refills

  • there will be a load of wood to stack in the store, hopefully the delivery can get up the track…

  • lunch about 1pm, bring your own, hopefully to be eaten in the sunshine…

  • finish about 5pm, hopefully the Barn will be clean and all jobs done

  • hot tea and pudding cooked by our chefs

  • Sunday is basically a repeat, although we may get a lie-in. Communal breakfast and then finish off any remaining jobs

  • Clean our way out of the Cottage and take rubbish away.

  • Once we have all finished we can hopefully get out on the hill

Please bring minimal kit, you’ll need normal Cottage kit: sleeping bag, torch, wash kit, plus old clothes. Looking like a waterproofs kind of weekend… if bringing climbing kit please leave in vehicles, or at Barn (once the hall is clean) rather than Cottage.

Any questions, just ask or PM me. I’ll be up from Friday lunchtime, number is 07881486837


Let’s hope the weather won’t be as bad as the forecast.


I’ll be doing lifts tonight so can everyone make sure the details on the spreadsheet are correct.


Hi Chiz,

I’m a club member and and omnivore.




Hi team,

Lifts as follows:

Leaving pimlico 18.30

Khalid’s Car:
John W
Tom M
[1 space]

Will’s car:
Paul H

Peter’s car:
Matt G
[1 space]

I’ll leave drivers to coordinate lifts with passengers. Anyone extra signs up I’ll add them to Khalid or Peter’s car.



Happy to do laundry run Chiz and make any kind of fruit into a crumble


Also happy to do hard labour in the rain


Lol it’s funny when @guyarnold hacks @catrin’s account


Sorry my car woes are ongoing, I am going to work on the electrics this weekend. Sorry I can’t be there to help!


cheers for coordinating this Guy, to confirm as re email, you’ll get the food, and Martin will get the bog roll and other sundries.

sorry you can’t make it Kris, have a good weekend


Hi I will be attending, arriving Friday from Wolverhampton. Nigel