Scotland in early Feb 2019


Hi Dave,

Also just sent. ref Danny Tompkins nlm



Receipt confirmed Danny
Thats halfway. Need @Ladislav, @Mattia & @katy_c


Sorry Dave - don’t have my card reader on me! Will get this over later this eve - probably circa 9.30/10!

Thanks for chasing/sorting :slight_smile:


Will do today, sorry for the delay


Just for clarification I need £110 each for now


Sent the money, sorry, didn’t see the forum until now.


Thanks Mattia & Lada, I just need Katy now. So hopefully I can book it today


All done :slight_smile: Ref is Katy Chappell - sorry for the delay!


Confirmed. I’m now trying to arrange payment with Crubenmore Lodge and will confirm when its done


Missing: Winter. Reward for it’s safe return.

Hope it’s found before the meet.


Not missing; its taking the long way around to Scotland, currently in Austria and due to arrive late next week :pray:


Amazing - thanks for all your efforts with this, Dave! Really looking forward to it.


Yes ditto to that thanks Dave!


So we’re all sorted and booked from Sunday 3rd (flexible arrival) and leaving Friday 8th (out by 10:00). we have room for several more people to join us

Were staying at CRUBENMORE LODGE,

Do not rely entirely on SatNav as the postcode covers a large geographical area.

From the A9, Crubenmore is well signposted just south of the Newtonmore and Ralia Café turnoffs, about 4 miles north of Dalwhinnie, on a dual-carriageway section of the A9.

Follow the sign for Crubenmore and turn off the A9 onto a small road.

Crubenmore Lodge is about one mile along this road, in a large stand of pine trees on the right.

See the linked doc above for info about the facilities.


Sorry Mattia, just realised I never replied to this. My 3 series is probably not as roomy as yours? But happy to take mine. Just let me know what works and then I can work out any insurance details if necessary :smiley: … am I right in thinking its you, me & Danny so far driving up from London together?


If you have a spot, I’d love to get a ride as well. Happy to pay my share of petrol and all that of course!


Hello Katy. 3 series sounds really comfy but I suppose it’s a saloon version rather than station wagon. If we go for my car I’ll talk to my insurance to see if they can put you on there as an additional driver. Shouldn’t be a problem.
You don’t happen to have snow chains? I was in Glencoe a year ago in a hire car and was slipping all over the place. Told myself I’ll be better equipped next time.
Ladislav, I should think we can accommodate a fourth person. If we are a little organised with luggage there should be enough space for the 4 of us.


Hi all,
This will be my first trip with the club so is there anything I should bring beyond the essentials? Rope and harness? And does someone have maps and route guides for the area? I’m happy to buy them but if someone has then I’d rather not buy them unecessarily.




Awesome, I’ll consider that sorted them and we’ll figure out the details closer to the event.


@DannyTompkins, and this applies to all.
I suggest you refresh your navigation (especially in whiteout conditions) and avalanche awareness. You’ll need full winter / foul weather clothing; spare gloves recommended (& goggles can be a godsend too). Axes, crampons, slings and other climbing gear. Helmet ! Compass!
I have a variety of guide books (multiple coverage for some areas but not sure about the Gorms) and a map, BUT, we wont just be one party so need at least a couple between us.
A thermos is a nice addition too. Start a list now, i guarantee it’ll grow as you think about it.
I’m also going to throw in rock shoes and chalk bag in case i want a day out of the weather.

Don’t forget sleeping bag and towel