Scotland in early Feb 2019

Hi all,

I heading to Scotland early February for some winter climbing. I have fixed with @MattGee to climb from Tuesday to Thursday 5th to 7th Feb. I am happy to take part and help organise a club meet around that time, but I will sleep at home in my Bimbobil. :minibus:

So primarily I am looking for climbing partners around the start of February when Matt goes and does his own thing.

Let me lay my cards on the table: I will drive up there with the van, it has space for one passenger. I haven’t set any dates for when I drive up or return. I can fix a day to give someone a lift up, but I don’t know when I am coming back to London. It just depends which way the wind blows…

I am a good alpine climber, fit and experienced. It is only my second trip to Scottish winter though, so I am happy with anything, classics and all.

I am also working myself towards ML exam, so easier routes up some Munros is also totally fine by me. I prefer ridges and rocky mixed stuff. Gullies are made for skiing, I will be dragging my skis up with me if I head up any such thing :wink:

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Hey Kris, we haven’t met, but I’ve been looking at Scotland in late Jan/Early Feb so could come tag along for some easier rocky ridges if you’re open to that? Happy to meet at the wall one night too before committing?

I’m not a great climber (v inexperienced), but have done about 4/5 Scotland winter trips on munros, with some ridge work and a couple of winter skills courses and some easy summits in the alps.

If that sounds good to you, I’m keen! Will be cheaper and easier than booking with a guide :smiley:



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I’m up for winter climbing, early Feb. Who else?


Absolutely. bags of experience, but not in recent years so really keen to get back in the game

Hey there, I’m definitely up for it. Done a few winter skills course in Scotland in recent years and a bit of winter climbing. If enough people head up there in the same period I’m sure there’ll be something for everyone to do.

Could be persuaded too…

I will be looking to as well! Can’t commit to date yet though


James O’Dwyer

I would love to go to Scotland but can only do during my academic reading week, which is (basically) 15-24th Feb.

So a bit late for the Kris-Matt trip unless Kris you stay up for more than a week.

I have no winter climbing experience so I appreciate I am a less than ideal partner. However, @khalidqasrawi would you like to go out and get into silly situations nonetheless?

Any weekends with half decent conditions I’ll be keen. I’ve all the gear and good for stuff to IV or V to lead, am also happy to second whatever harder stuff within reason if you and the route are reasonably safe :wink: or do all the leading if you let me! I am based in the Midlands. If you get the train up I can deal with the driving (up overnight Friday and back Sunday night to get you on a Monday morning fast train to London), and can sign 1 person only into a climbing hut between the Ben and the Norries at £9 a night.

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I’d also be keen for a weekend mountaineering/climbing and/or spot of skiing (absolute amateur off piste/touring). I’ve got quite a bit of experience leading up to III/IV but haven’t done anything for about ten years or so (will probably need to sharpen a few tools). Happy going wherever and staying in my van unless it’s uber cheap. Can drive from York, which is midway up the northern line

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Psyched for winter climbing in Feb.

Some memories from last year…

IMG_20180208_102401_HDR IMG_20180209_085141_HDR


That first photo looks mildly terrifying

It’s the grizzly beard isn’t it

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And the fact he appears to have stopped belaying

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Hey great to hear there is so much enthusiasm for a winter trip.

Loving the photos @khalidqasrawi - fingers crossed for another snowy winter!!

By the sounds of things there will be climbing partners for everyone. If people commit to dates, maybe shared booking for accommodation could happen.

@Kris I will definitely want to spend several weekends in Scotland climbing the trip arranged by @guyarnold last year was so amazing. We should try for something a bit similar. If there was a trip to Torridon I would come up for a bit longer. I’ll try to get a car up via Glasgow, leaving on a Wednesday and coming back after a week and a half on Tuesday Evening. so a) if anyone wants to lift share lets set something up and b) since I will drive up mid-week I will likely be willing to take gear for those that wants to fly.

Last year I was leading IV. Who knows this year.

Looks rather thin in that top photo. Not Khalid :wink:

Are you suggesting that it wasn’t in condition??!!

looks pretty perfect to me but clearly it had seen some traffic and people had cleared off all the struggi to find the holds and placements. I’ll definitely have some of that please

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