Scotland in early Feb 2019


Unfortunately I can’t do that week :cry:


James O’Dwyer


I am in for that week. Would prefer 1 or both weekends as well, so something like 1-10.2. If there are other accomodation options that are not as limited by capacity, I don’t mind staying whereever.


I can also do that week and looking forward.

Has the location been decided and how are people generally going to travel? Plane to Glasgow and car hire or driving up from London?

I could contribute a car but not too keen on driving the whole journey by myself. Maybe we can share transport in a clever way?


Consider me in for Monday-Friday. Happy to drive up either Saturday/Sunday before too if others want to come up earlier :slight_smile: I’ll drive from London, I think so far I’m bringing Danny… (others more than welcome too… the more the merrier, just let me know) …

It’s circa 9 hours from here without stops (of which I will need a few…) so going to have to allow a full day for driving even if leaving early, so perhaps coming up on Saturday, or at least Sunday would be best?


Mattia, we could possibly share the driving?


Hi Katy,
If you’re thinking about coming up Sunday, then you want Sunday night yeah ? If there’s enough people wanting it we can book (try to) Saturday night too


katy_c, that sounds like a good idea. Not totally decided on what day is best but I’d say it all depends on when the majority of people want to book the accommodation from.

If Friday is check-out and travel day, then arriving the previous Sunday sounds alright to me; Saturday if it works better for the rest of the group.


I will be climbing with Matt on those days around Fort William, so I will not be able to join you guys in Cairngorms for that week. Good job for organising this @Kiwidave !

If the conditions are good, I will stay longer so @dizz_lizzie and any other weekend warriors, let’s stay in touch!


Awesome, happy to come up Saturday or Sunday - whichever suits the group better!

Whose car shall we take? I guess whoever has more space is more desirable :wink:


Ok, so I am looking at booking the nights of 3rd through 7th Feb - arrive Sunday, leave Friday.
To make this happen we need @khalidqasrawi and @mikedlr (or others) to confirm AND we need to pay £655 (£94 pp for 7 people) so we can finalise the booking. This price is based on sleeping bags and bringing own towels.
If conditions are suitable I plan do the weekends either end.
Send the money to 60-60-40, 48323446 (D Wills) and put your name in the reference. If we’re too late or don’t get 7 people I’ll just send it back
I am in Chester, so can’t help with the lifts


Hello Katy, I have a not so new but trusty Octavia estate. Luggage space is pretty good.

I’m totally indifferent whether to use my car or someone else’s.

Dave, thanks for organising! I’ll make the payment sooner rather than later.


Hi folks. Sorry to say I can’t confirm for that week. I can see now from the spreadsheet that I entered P but I’m afraid that that will not work now. I will be looking to come up for the week after, 9-16.


Ok, so we’re back to not having enough people for that week, so we need more people.
Subject to confirmation there is enough interest for the following week, but we’d need to find somewhere to stay - if anyone knows somewhere …


Oh dear, very sorry to have thrown a spanner in the works there especially given the good work that’s already been done. Just to be clear, although I’m sure that it already is understood, by all means go ahead without me.


No probs Khalid, its a numbers & cost game. We haven’t had a confirmation from @mikedlr either, so we’re currently at 5 confirmed. 6 people only would raise the cost to £110 each

And I may (tbc) have picked up a replacement at The Boardroom tonight


Hi all. Thanks for organising @Kiwidave.
I’m just joint this thread now but could come that week. How are we looking for numbers?


Hi Dave,
Can do either w/c 4th or 11th Feb. Would be happy to pay 110 for a week if it was only 6 but obvi cant speak for others


Hi John,
You would bring us up to 6 people which would be 110 each for the week, and we are still waiting to hear from @mikedlr which would make 7 - Crag Jones might be able to do a few days but can’t do the whole week.
More people is not a problem as we can do up to 14 & more if there are couples.
I need the money to fix the booking, so if people are happy to go with 6 & £110, then send me the money. I’ll get it booked and we can balance out if/when more people join us


Cheers @Kiwidave just paid £110 ref john wallbank


I confirm receipt John. If others can do likewise, we can lock down this booking