Spring working meet '24

Hi everyone, the next working meet is less than a month away.

If you’ve not been before it’s a great chance to meet up and get the properties looking good and running well for the coming months.

Jobs that we are planning to get done include:
-Sorting out the ventilation bathroom roof space and installing a new fan to the outside. (Cottage)
-Clearing out the kitchen roof space. Probably involving a trip to the tip. (cottage)
-Repairing the barn septic tank (not as disgusting as it sounds, I promise🤞
-Continuing with the pointing (Barn)

There will be jobs suitable for everyone so don’t be shy.

Hopefully there will be time to get some climbing in on Sunday, although it’s quite an ambitious jobs list, so bring gear.

Dates: 16th / 17th March

As usual the club will be providing breakfast and a communal meal on Saturday evening which is always a good social event. Bring food for lunches though.

A fully functional spread sheet to appear very soon.

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Congratulations John, the spreadsheet is editable and functional :trophy:


Hope to make it for this one. Be advised the Tyn y Coed is shut until Easter. The big dining room is being converted to have accessible rooms. This could be good if Paul is able to and wants to go to the Dinner (assuming it’s in Wales, venue isn’t on the website yet.)

I won’t be able to go; most likely, I’ll still be in Scotland. However, I’d be grateful if someone could post a very short update to the hut maintenance thread after the meet.

@johnw1 I didn’t manage to turn on the heater in the main room this week, the one under the bookshelf; this may be a big problem.

While there’s still quite a bit of firewood (see photo), I’m not sure if it’s going to last the entire year. Maybe another delivery is due?

We still lack a cutlery tray and any large frying pans in the cottage.

I also managed to lose a full pack of firestarters somewhere (either that, or I have early onset schizophrenia, or it was stolen, one of the three). Other consumables may need replenishment as well.

Interesting about the heater. It should be on all the time. A major fix for the cottage would be new windows with double glazing. A lot of heat goes out of the current ones. I’ve been advocating for a gas shut off valve in the kitchen for years but this has yet to happen. A new front door is needed too, to keep out the cold winds in winter. There’s a lot to be done if funds allow, not all of it essential however.

Looks like we have a good turn out already. Thanks everyone.

Thanks Daniel. I’m alarmed about the microwave. How does a microwave go missing. It’s new as well.

The wood will get us through the spring. People will just have to be frugal with it. I’ll restock in autumn

That’s good. Are you going to have a go at persuading the bathroom heater to actually put out some heat. Last time I was there it was useless. There must be a better, simpler and cheaper system.

Has the new microwave gone? If so someone in the club is a thief. Who’s just moved into a new house or flat?

It seems that it is “on” but stays cold.

The microwave is fine, the sheet was set up last October, I added crossing out of the things which are fixes (and not just a “fixed on” date as it was), I am sorry about the misunderstanding.

Thank goodness Micky the microwave is safe…. :sweat_smile:

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Yes. We need him for warming plates!

Did the microwave make its way to the barn perhaps? They are as cheap as chips anyway and you don’t have to carry fuel up the hill to feed them.

Agree with Richard about the gas shut off.

Regarding mold, we used to scrub down with bleach/water (1:3), wash thoroughly and the apply a paint like weathershield that has a fungicide, though this one has good reviews https://www.toolstation.com/zinsser-perma-white-self-priming-interior-paint/p23701?store=B4&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA84CvBhCaARIsAMkAvkI5K4P8H7nW1RZZ4T0BtzSD0sBYUOdVb9m4pl37J3Eh77fN8YQXp9waAgatEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

Also, kitchen hoods (that come on with the lights?) would suck all that pan steam out.


Bleach only kills some mould.

This stuff works plus they do other products such as wall treatment s but would have to be careful due to type of plaster and stone work. https://wykamol.com/products/mcs1-mould-clear-concentrate

Need to wear proper ppe gloves mask and goggles.
Agree with John re needing better moisture extraction perhaps of a commercial nature. Ceilings and sealant behind sink need treating and sealant replacing.

Ah, thank goodness. Thought it was a bit strange

The mould gets done every year. It happens because of pockets of cold stagnant air and its more of a problem when there are lots of people using the place. The solution is to have a an air pump in the loft or a solar venting system.

Just bumping this thread a bit, we could probably do with a few more people! Come on folks, who doesn’t like sweeping chimneys?