Hut fixes and improvements

This is a follow-up on the pub discussion after today’s Castle meet. All the smart ideas belong to @LIon, @Sian and @MattGee, I am just writing the minutes.

As we were discussing how Sian’s building expertise and enthusiasm could be applied to the hut (to redo the kitchen entirely, to stop mold and spiders, and all the good stuff), Lottie suggested that it would be nice if we had a list of everything which has to be done to the hut. Even if it is just a thought, it is better to write it down, so that it is tracked and may be implemented eventually.

While I am not sure what the best medium for such list is (god forbid, Jira? :), I created a spreadsheet as a first draft. Eventually the list can be used to track progress on long projects as well.

I have also populated it with some ideas, just so that people are not scared of the blank page, maybe most of them are nonsense. Feel free to change columns, rows and everything else, this is a first draft after all.


Fall 2023 working meet update

I have updated the spreadsheet, please see.

We have a new microwave, yay! Roman, the absolute legend, fixed the kitchen radiator. Wooden steps in the barn were repaired. The whole hut got a thorough cleaning. All the mattress and pillow cases were washed. Firewood stores got filled with fresh dead trees (there was no new firewood delivery). Some of the cobwebs were eliminated but not all of them.

A lot of pans and pots got destroyed. In particular, we don’t have any large frying pans anymore, have to buy new ones. All the unmatched lids got binned as well. In my opinion, we still have too many pots and the decimations should continue until morale improves. The cutlery tray was mouldy and got destroyed as well. We ran out of anti-mould spray and bar soap.

I am only responsible for these notes, not for the majority of the work done, the working meet was a collective effort. @johnw1 @Mark_W @Christopher_Knight @Roman should anything else be added? What else have we done? What else has to be done?


I added the dehumidifier which is kind of a long term plan from my side, but does need done eventually. I put “nice to have” since that’s my guess and I have no idea whether that should go through committee, hut secretary or whatever.

I love the “nice to have” because it sounds the opposite. Cobweb in places “nice to have”, mouldy pillows “nice to have”

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The microwave is missing!!! What the flip!!

That was a new microwave replaced at the last working meet

But thanks for setting this up

I think that’s referring to the old microwave, unless I’m misreading? Maybe worth crossing through stuff that’s been fixed to make it clearer…

Sarah is right, the microwave is fine (I think, at least, I haven’t used it recently), I am sorry about the misunderstanding, I’ll add crossing out