Spring Working Meet 24-25th March


Hi Chiz, i’m Membership secretary now and Tom has retired. I’m not able to make this working meet sorry. Someone else will need to change the code locks. Please can you add that to the list of jobs. It looks exciting with the new burner and cooker coming.



I am happy with whatever is cooked.





I will eat anything (within the bounds of things commonly regarded as edible).


Hi Chiz

Tim has changed the door codes in the past, if that helps.



as it looks like I’m the only V (which in my case now stands for vegan, not even vegetarian…) among the Os, I am totally happy to sort out my own food so no one has to worry about eating a meal they don’t enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


@chizharward I won’t be able to make this meet since I have family obligations this that weekend but I think I’d try to come for the reroofing meet. Please add me to the list. I have very basic DIY skills and can bring drill/tools if needed. I can also cook veggie stuff if that’s considered safer :wink:


@PaulSagar, hi, hope you can make it, just to say that for prospective members who come to the working meet there aren’t any hut fees for staying at the Cottage! Let me know by middle of next week if you are coming and let us know whether you’re vegetarian


Cheers @Manchi, looks like @Tim_McD has a job!


Hi Tutu, the club provides breakfast and dinner, so I’m sure we can sort something out that everyone will enjoy!


@mikedlr great, we’ll see when the reroofing meet is going to be, up in air at moment, will be in touch when we know more, cheers


Hi Chiz,

I’m not vegetarian, and I’m happy to sleep in the back of my Kangoo if space is tight in the hut. It’s surprisingly comfortable in there!

I can’t remember who exactly I met tonight - but hopefully i’ll be at Mile End again next Wednesday! Currently planning to come to the meet, but will confirm next week.


Hey everyone,
Sorry for the usual delay, @jrtomlins and I are planning to come to the working meet. Any car space still available ( @peter.harris2 ?)? I’m afraid we have no particular skills but we’re happy to help with anything also I’m always happy to cook.


Yes, I have two spaces available, departing Oakwood on Friday approx. 6.30pm, returning Sunday afternoon.





Hi Paul, the Cottage won’t be full, just bring a sleeping bag, head torch and food for lunches etc. Any questions just ask.


Hi Laura, look forward to seeing you both, foodwise, are you V or O…?


Hello Chiz! Both O :blush:


That’s perfect! Thanks Peter :smiley:


Great, I look forward to seeing you both next Friday, if not before.


Updated list…

So far we have:
Chiz Coming from Stroud Thurs O

Peter Harris driving, O
JT with Peter O
Laura O with Peter O
Dave Adler with Peter O

Manchi driving
Tim with Manchi
Catrin with Manchi?
Tutu with Manchi V

Guy 1 space? O
Martin Bull with Guy

Paul Sagar from Cambs O
Richard Young from Wilts O
Richard H self propelled O
Valerie self propelled O

Fifteen! Plenty room for more, and the more we have the more the work is shared and the earlier we can get down to some climbing. So, any more for any more?

Good news is the new oven has arrived at Mike P’s and should be in and working for the meet so I think we should christen the oven with a fantastic communal meal which can be enjoyed in front of our new burner.

Those of you that haven’t said if you are vegetarian etc I will assume you aren’t. Tutu, can you let us know what you’d like for breakfast, we do bacon and egg rolls for the omnivores? I’ll be in touch with those that have offered to cook next week and we can talk supplies.


I’ll try and have a chat with everyone on Friday night/saturday and see what people feel happy taking on jobs wise, but is anyone feeling confident at helping with some simple carpentry: putting up shelves in the barn dormitory, very simple stuff!

Other jobs will include building a BBQ at the Cottage, plastering behind the Cottage burner, filling and painting Cottage and Barn, cleaning, sorting lost property, doing laundry at Plas y Brenin, tidying around the Shed and getting that ready for the reroofing, Tim changing the codes on the locks, and last but not least cooking the first of what will be many communal meals in our new oven.

@Tim_McD can you download the images of the code manuals Tom uploaded and all the info you need? ta
@richard_young can you run off a copy of the risk assessment and sign off sheet?

If anyone has any allergies, medical conditions etc that may affect them and what they can do, please let me know in confidence.

My number is 07881 486837, I’ll be up from Thursday afternoon.

We’ve got a fair bit to do, but with everyone coming I am pretty confident we can get pretty much everything done on the Saturday. We’ll have breakfast and then I’ll do a quick briefing, run through the risk assessment and get started at about 9ish. There’ll be a lead in each building with a list of jobs, and I’ll be running around. We’ll finish up around 5pm and can get down to the important business of eating and bench traverses.
Sunday we’ll provide breakfast again, and then get anything finished off, we will then all clean our way out of the Cottage and have the rest of the day free.
See you there!