Spring Working Meet 24-25th March


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David beat me to it, will we see you at the meet Richard? I’m up the day before helping get it ready for the stove, be good to see you. :slight_smile: :wink: :space_invader::older_adult::sunny::rainbow::stew::wine_glass::wine_glass:


So he did. I aim to be there on Thursday


Hi Chiz
I’m now available for the working meet.
As ever I’m happy to muck in with anything as required, but if you want the plastering to have a smooth finish then best count me out…



If you are travelling up on Friday eve and back on Sunday evening, would you like to travel up in my car?





Many thanks Peter, but I should have said in my original post that I’ll be coming under my own steam from North Wiltshire.



Great stuff Richard, see you there


If the plastering is done with fine single malt I’m sure no one will complain

Climbing weekend 24th

I’m sure we can get plastered Richard






Looks like not only will we have a brand new burner for the Working Meet, but we should have a new oven, so lasagne and roast vegetables, with rhubarb crumble for pudding…?


So far we have:
Chiz Coming from Stroud Thurs O
Dave Adler with Peter O
Peter Harris driving, 1 space available? O
Manchi driving
Tim with Manchi
Martin Bull with Guy
Catrin with Manchi?
Tutu with Manchi V
Guy 1 space? O
Richard Young from Wilts O
Richard H self propelled O
Valerie self propelled O

That’s ELEVEN in total, plus the dog…any more…we have spare lifts, the more come then the quicker the work is done and the more time for climbing…
Can everyone please say whether they are vegetarian or not (can’t remember everyone)! We need to know numbers so I can plan what jobs can be done and so we can get in the right amount of food,


Valerie will be there too. Definitely not vegetarian.



Dave Adler has booked a place in my car. Unless we get more people, it may be that we can combine car loads, thereby take less cars from London.




Fewer cars.


A Pedant


list updated,
can everyone tell me if they are vegetarian etc please


Certainly not vegetarian but I don’t know if I’m etc.


I’m currently hoping to be able to make it along, after hopefully meeting a few of you guys tomorrow at Mile End.

However if I do come I’ll be driving from Cambridge in my two seater Renault Kangoo (the back is now for sleeping, obviously), so probably of no use to anyone in terms of getting to Wales!


Hi Chiz - i am happy vegetarian or non-vegetarian, whatever makes the food shopping easier.