Spring Working Meet 24-25th March

Hi all,
the Spring Working Meet is being held on the 24th-25th March. As usual now, this will be a two day meet with the possibility of a climb on Sunday after jobs are completed.

The dog and I will be up a day or two before to prep the front room for our new wood burner, which will be fitted ready for the meet. We will hopefully have a new oven as well, so fingers crossed for lasagne and chips for tea…although we do need a sparks to wire it in…

There are plenty of jobs on the list for the main weekend -re-stacking timber, laundry, cleaning and painting, plastering, electrical and woodworking jobs, building a BBQ, strimming, laying hardstanding and a host of little snags to sort out to keep the Barn and Cottage in top condition. All members are welcome, it is always a good weekend with a good atmosphere, good food and plenty of climbing plans made.

If people can post whether they can come, particularly after a qualified sparks, and anyone with plastering skills…also a volunteer cook, cook’s helper, and a volunteer or two to do the laundry. If people can let me know if they want to be considered for one of those roles, and if they have any specific skills, requirements or dietary whatever. Can you also say whether you will have a car, how many spaces, where from, and when leaving/returning so we can sort car shares.

If volunteers can get toilet rolls, communal food and other consumables that would be great. Receipts to @Max_A for reimbursement, we will hopefully be able to pay in pound coins from the Cottage safe on the day…

@Tom_S will you make it down and be able to change the codelocks?

The club will provide a gourmet communal meal on the Saturday night, and milk and bacon/veggie rolls for Saturday and Sunday breakfast, You’ll need food for anything else, lunches, snacks etc and any drinks.

There’ll be a further working meet in a couple of months to reroof the shed, but there will be some preliminary work on the shed interior during this meet. We do need a small number of volunteers for the shed meet -get in touch if you think you might be able to help.

look forward to seeing you at the meet,

Hut Warden

Hi @chizharward - I will be coming. No car so will be looking to share a ride. No special skills but happy to help with anything.

Great stuff, see you there


I am planning to attend and have 3 car spaces, planning to depart Oakwood tube station at approx 18.30hrs on the Friday, returning back Sunday eve.


Brilliant, be good to see you Peter, cheers

Hi @chizharward, @Tim_McD and I can volunteer to help with shopping and breakfast duties. I’m also happy to help with laundry if no-one else volunteers for that particular job.

We’ll be driving from Finsbury Park on Friday night (leaving 6.30pm), and returning to London Sunday afternoon. Two spaces available in our car.

Great stuff Manchi, will see who comes and go from there re cooking and supplies? May need both your skills on other jobs!

@Manchi can i baggsy one of the spaces? Thanks :smiley:

I shall be there. I can’t bring many diy skills but happy to help out wherever.

Manchi - please could I also grab a space?


@Catrin, Martin (@bullopolis): sorry only one space left. @Tutu’s already bagsied one of them. @chizharward, another one for your list of volunteers.

No worries!

Hi @chizharward I’ll be there - have two spaces in the car.

Happy to cook if that’s helpful.


@guyarnold. Hi fella. Can i bagsy a seat? Ta😃

Yep of course

Bump for everyone that’s been too busy ice climbing this weekend…

What does that mean?

Have one more space in my car if anyone wants it

I have two spaces; departing Oakwood tube approx 6.30pm

Bump for any more :wink:

Can someone explain to a pensioner what this bump thing means?