Spring Working Meet 24-25th March


Hi Chiz
Happy to do simple carpentry. I can bring drill and other tools.
I was going to ask about RAMS and will sort out updated copies.


Don’t worry @chizharward I always bring my own breakfast, otherwise shopping can get too complicated. Maybe a coupe of bananas, as they never seem to travel well in my pack. I can also make my own dinner, won’t be in the way of the cooks – I eat little. I could actually help with cooking – despite being vegan, I can handle other foods…

As for jobs, I’m happy to do anything that doesn’t involve carrying heavy stuff because of my knee injury. I think I may be good at painting/plastering?

Re: allergies… I haven’t thought about it before, but I’m mildly allergic to dogs. However, as long as I don’t touch one, it should be fine.


I am an O :slight_smile: thanks! Pretty sure Martin is also an O


Hi Richard, thanks. If you have a decent electric drill and good masonry bits that might be helpful putting the shelves up


thanks Catrin!


Hi Tutu, thanks, I’ll ask the cooks to get a couple of bananas for you! We will see if we can cook something everyone can eat, shouldn’t be difficult, we managed in Scotland after all.
My dog is coming.


No problem - I’ll also bring a level :grinning::hammer_and_wrench::triangular_ruler:


Great! I plan on arriving Friday night, but when will depend on traffic. Should be before 11, though.

What is the address of the hut?


And I’m probably jinxing it by saying it out loud, but the weather even looks decent for Sunday…!


Great news Paul, look forward to meeting you. And yes, the weather forecast has improved, good for all the outdoor jobs, and yes hopefully some climbing on Sunday.

The cottage is accessed off the big walled parking at Bryn Glo at the east end of Capel Curig on the A5. There’s a P sign for the parking which is on the rhs coming from Betws y Coed. If you get to the Tyn y Coed pub, you’ve gone too far.
Park up and find the gate (opposite the entrance to the parking), go over the ladder stile, and go up the track through the woods about 100 yards, you’ll break out into an open area and there’s a building on your left. That’s not the Cottage. That’s our other hut…the Barn.
So follow the track round and up and in another hundred yards you should see the lights of the Cottage. Knock on the windows and someone will let you in.

Bring a headtorch and sleeping bag, there are bunk beds/sleeping platforms upstairs with mattresses. Most people will get in about 11 or 12 depending on traffic. You’ll need food for Friday night and Saturday/Sunday lunches, plus any extra breakfast bits and bobs. We’ll provide bacon/egg rolls and Saturday dinner. Bring your own drink, see you there!


To all,
given the excelent turnout, if we can leave as much climbing gear as possible in the vehicles so we have maximum room in the cottage so we can give all areas a proper clean and be able to get to all the tools and supplies under the stairs, cheers


for your satnav/map reading GR: SH 737572, postcode: LL24 0DT


Hi, I’m a bit late to the party but would love to join the working meet at the weekend. Happy to help out with whatever’s needed, can paint, drill, help with cooking.

Does anyone have a car space going spare? I’m based in Enfield but can meet central too.



Hi @Jenny, great to have you on board, I think @guyarnold may have a space, he is coming from London on Friday.

Are you a ‘V’ or an ‘O’ for food?


Hi Chiz, I’m an O for food.

Sounds promising… @guyarnold, do you have a space?

Thanks! Jenny


Thanks Jenny.

Assuming Jenny can get a lift, that makes 16 for food, plus Mike P for communal meal on Saturday, Manchi and Tim are doing breakfast, Guy will be producing a gastronomic oven-based tour-de-force for the communal meal, @Tutu, can you give Guy a hand cooking the evening meal and you’ll be able to make something suitable for yourself, Manchi will be getting breakfast stuff so can add your food to that.
Weather looking pretty good all things considered!


All sounds good. Can there be some non smoked bacon please. Weather does look ok but pretty cold again. Winter isn’t over.


Hi Chiz, I’m at a hen do this weekend booooo. So I can’t join the working meet. I’m sad to miss the fun and games and the climbing times on Sunday! Hope you guys have an absolute brilliant time as always. I will be at the new members meet and will do my barn duties and give it a good clean then too!

Have fun guys.


Hi @Jenny, yes I’ve got a space - welcome on board. Martin and I are leaving Hackney at 18.30. Address is 13 St Philips Road E8 3BP.

I’m on 07815089488.

See you then!



Hi Chiz - got my dates mixed up, thought this was a few weeks ago for some reason.

Anyway, I’m up for it - no special skills, but happy to help out where I can. Is there any car space left?