Spring working meet 23

Hi everyone, the next working meet is less than a month away.

If you’ve not been before it’s a great chance to meet up and get the properties looking good and running well for the coming months. Hopefully there will be time to get some climbing in on Sunday so bring gear.

Dates: 18th and 19th March

As usual the club will be providing breakfast and a communal meal on Saturday evening to reward is for all the hard work. Bring food for lunches though.

There will be jobs suitable for everyone so don’t be shy. Processing: Spring Working Meet March 18th-19th 2022.pdf…

If you are interested please sign up on the spreadsheet and we can sort out lifts etc.

Lol traditional spreadsheet fail

John does it deliberately

Hi John, I want to go, where is the spreadsheet?

Working Meet Spreadsheet Thingy


But it went blue. That means it works, right? :frowning:
Not sure why it’s a pdf though

Anyway, thanks Matt

No worries John!

Hi everyone. Unfortunately I’m going to have to pull out of this one. We are having a crisis at work and i have to go in for the weekend.
However, I have been a assured that you can manage without me; which is a bit disappointing because I thought I was important.
Everyone knows what needs doing but I’ll make a list of jobs anyway so I can at least maintain the illusion of power.


Okay, don’t worry everyone. I will be there this weekend after all. Everything is going to be okay.


Looks like the following still need to sort out a lift:
Bob Fields
Eric Paul
Ben Whetton
John Wallbank
Looks to me like Peter and Rob each have a space and Karl has two, please confirm?

Hi Matt, I am getting a lift from Tilly

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Hi Matt,

Yep - have space for 1 or 2 - aiming to leave around mid-day

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I’m going to pull out of this one I’m afraid. Going to N. Wales the weekend after this and don’t really fancy the 9 hour round trip this weekend (wear and tear on the van) given the forecast + the fact there are plenty of people going already + only one property to attend to.

I might be free on a week on Friday though, John, so could do some Barn-related cleaning if, Rob, there are no guests in there that day?

Matt, on the basis that I am currently taking you and Lottie, I have space for 1 more, possibly 2 (3 on the back seat).

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Hi Karl,
if you still have space, then a lift would be great, thanks.
Any time or Friday is good for me.

:partying_face: :man_superhero:t2:

I’ve got Ben W jumping in so afraid my cars now full.

Just fyi for everyone coming, I’ve messed up the barn bookings (apologies) and we’ll have guests staying this weekend (and it’s empty the next weekend!) I’ve warned the guests, they’re happy for us to do any required maintenance and laundry, but when you arrive on Friday, please go up to the cottage!

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No worries Paul.

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Hi Peter. So could i have a lift with you please? Then i think we are sorted.

Do we have any volunteers to cook on Saturday night? This usually involves stopping at Telford tesco to pick things up. (All reimbursed by the club)