NLMC 2023 Meets

NLMC 2023 Meets

The time has come to share the 2023 meets calendar with the lovely NLMC community! Hope everyone is excited for another jampacked year of meets. Per usual, meets threads will be set up for individual meets planning, so look out for threads and sign-up sheets. Look forward to seeing you all for some mountain and cragging fun this year!

Google calendar link - hopefully useable: Google calendar.

Any questions, queries, comments, please feel free to message me directly.

Peak District bouldering meet - 25th/26th February -
Hut working meet - 18th/19th March -
New members meet - 22nd/23rd April -
Peak District meet - 29th April -1st May -
Lake District Meet - 6th-8th May
Wye Valley meet - 20/21st May -
Yorkshire meet - 10th/11th June
Cornish summer solstice meet - 24th/25th June -
Alps meet - No club trip - see forum for informal plans
Family meet - 22nd-30th July
Pembroke meet - 5th/6th August
Devon meet -19th/20th Aug
New members meet - 23rd/24th September
Swanage meet - 7th/8th October
Working meet -14th/15th October
Annual dinner and AGM - 4th/5th November

As a note, if you are planning to join any meets, please make sure you are familiar with the BMC’s statement of participation:

The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions. As a BMC affiliated club the NLMC benefits from Combined Liability Insurance – all club members, whose names and addresses we hold, benefit from £15 million Combined Liability Insurance world-wide.


Alps meet. Some problems with sport climbing in France this year. Something to keep an eye on.

Indeed, increasingly massive thread here for reference
UKC Forums - French cliff closures (

Thanks for posting this, Tilly!

I understand that this proposal may go against the traditional NLMC planning approach, which was one of the reasons I joined the club, but given that the Lake District meet is on a bank holiday, we should maybe try to book a place to stay now. Maybe even a hut? If any of the club huts are still miraculously available, the price is probably going to be comparable to camping.

Daniel, yes, that’s a very good point. Will set up a thread to gauge interest to get something booked in early!

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Is there any plan for the Easter bank holiday weekend?

We don’t have an official meet planned, but I’m sure there will be folk around and up for climbing!

Matt, there is soooooo much nonsense and noise and idiocy on that thread it stands out even by UKC standards. People really have not idea what they are on about on that one. Let’s wait and see what happens in France but don’t base any predictions on anything seen in a thread where non-lawyers are speculating about a legal system they haven’t got even the most rudimentary understanding of.

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Oh hell I stopped reading it after the first 20 posts! Ain’t no one got time for that crap.


Hi all,

Could anyone please help with a quick question?

Will the new members meet definitely be on this weekend?
New members meet - 22nd/23rd April

And any idea of where it will be?

Any help much appreciated.



Hi John, yes it’s the weekend stated. It will be based in North Wales at our club cottage


All - just a note to say that the Alps meet is looking not to be a formal meet this year, mainly due to weather instability and suiting differing objectives. You can follow the ongoing conversations of informal trips in the works here: