Scotland in early Feb 2019


ok, so as Guy suggests, I have created Google sheet with dates and options. I have already put on the names of people who vaguely expressed an interest above, but feel free to add or delete names. See my post above and Kris’s for indicative costs and available dates.
Numbers in the thread may not be enough for any given dates, so tell your climbing buddies and share at the wall & Palm Tree
I’ve not done a Google sheet before so hopefully it works for everyone:- Link as follows:


Weekends only for me as too many trips not enough leave this year … also likely to bivvi or stay CC hut so don’t include me in accommodation but thanks :slight_smile:


Looks good to me :slight_smile: have updated the speadsheet… Just throwing it out there that I’ll most likely drive from west London and happy to take a 2/3 passengers up too depending on how much gear people have/how happy you guys are to squeeze.


Thanks Dave, the spreadsheet looks good.

I have mobile glamping cabin with me. A 4x4 camper with diesel heater and memory foam mattress so I prefer to stay at ‘home’ for the nights. However, after Matt and I have been around Ben Nevis for 5th to 7th of Feb I am free to drive where ever to join the troops.


I’m still keen but will have to wait a while to confirm. I’m easy with accommodation as I can also stay in the cc hut. I also have no idea how long is be up for, when, or how i’d get there… I’ll work something out though!


@Jimbo @dizz_lizzie don’t forget the CC hut may get booked out though.


There has always been space when I’ve needed it - I always book. There are all the reciprocal rights ones too. Plus can probs stay with my friend Andy in boat o garten if stuck … :wink: I can’t do longer than the weekends as almost all my leave is accounted for till next Dec now …


Hi all,
I am new to NLMC and am not actually a member yet. I am planning to come to some socials in early Jan though and would be keen to come along on this trip. Would people be okay with me putting my availability in the google doc even though i’m not a member? I have experience of winter walking in lakes / scotland and a bit of Scottish winter ridges but am not massively experienced so would need a partner that could bare with me!


Danny, I have no objection


great thanks i’ve put my details in the google sheet


hi katy, depending on dates i’d be keen on getting a lift if poss. petrol money etc of course.


Cool, sounds good! You can save me from the boredom of a v long drive! :slight_smile:


Sounds great, keen to join. Don’t have a car, so would be looking for a lift from London.


As a little aside, here’s a Scottish mountaineering blog my friend Alex wrote… to help with the psyche :slight_smile: Enjoy!


Hi Dave, has a weekend been decided? i’m really keen but need to get time off work.


The only week that has enough interest is 4 - 8 Feb. When I enquired of the accommodation, the prior weekend was also available.
I’ve confirmed the dates are still available - we are tentatively reserved for 3 - 8 February. So, all that have expressed an interest (or new people)
A) please reply to confirm for this week
B) confirm whether the booking should start Friday, Saturday or Sunday night, i.e. include prior weekend or not.


To reserve the dates, we will need full payment in advance (as the dates are close).
3 -8 feb is reserved but we need to confirm ASAP, including if we want the weekend.
Please reply with ypur confirmation or otherwise


It’s not really very nice to boo people.


Consider me in for Monday - Friday. I would be open to the weekend but will need to get back to London on Sunday so will need to check with people driving back. Does one of us need to pay (and collect money from others) or can we pay individually?


We’ll need to pay the accommodation in one go.
This place is only available until Thursday night, leaving Friday (but is available previous weekend)