Scotland in early Feb 2019


Just in lean condition = harder :slight_smile:


Dave I am even keener when it comes to winter so yes let’s!


The route was fine. Felt more like cragging, placing wires, doing moves. Things got more buried further up. The Message IV, 6.


Isn’t there a club Scottish WInter Meet in the diary?

I’ll probably not get up there til a bit later in the winter, but if I can get a work and weather window I’ll be heading up


@chizharward I spoke with @guyarnold about club trips - nothing is set so far for the winter in Scotland.


I’m now seriously considering doing a winter climbing lead skills course 18-22 February - expensive, but I can kid myself that it’s an “investment” in my future climbing career, and also gets me out of London for a week…


Hey way to go! It is the only kind of investment I ever do that actually yields something…


Looks like there is keen interest in a trip to Scotland this winter.

If someone wants to step up and organise a meet get in touch and we can start to work out dates etc. I am also happy to assist with tips from organising last year’s meet.



Buying Euros could work…


Right, I took the plunge and I’ll be doing a winter lead course at Glenmore Lodge 18-22 February.

If anyone wanted to meet up in the Cairngorms before after, I could well be game, depending on when I need to be back in London for teaching purposes.


Liz, if you hear things are in condition, just hit me up. Anytime from Christmas.


Ace. Looking all a bit early season there atm.


Hello guys, i have been following this thread a bit and the trip sounds wonderful, just wondering what would be the personal equipment required for it, ? B2 or B3 boots and type of crmapons , ice axe ect…


You will need crampons and then you need the kind of boots that match the crampons you have.

Ice axe yes, the type depends on what you want to climb.


If you want to technical winter (or Alpine) climbing you need properly rigid boots, so you are comfortable fully supporting your weight on the front points. However, if you are more at the winter hill-walking end of the spectrum, then less rigid (but solid). As Kris says, crampons need to match your boot type



Thanks for the answers, i have no experience in trad climbing or winter ice climbing at all , so i was more interested in knowing if the group is only going for this types of activities or also some winter walking scrambling and progression with rope campons and ice axe …


I suspect we need to look into somewhere to stay before they get booked out, so I I thought i’d through this out there

A friend runs Crubenmore Lodge, which is just off the A9 around 6 miles south of Newtonmore, 22 miles from Aviemore, so I checked out availability around February =>
1st to 8th (Friday to Friday) (or can start on a late January date.)
15th to 21st (Friday to Thursday)
24th – 28th (Sunday to Thursday) (or can carry on into early March.)

They have capacity for 14 single or 18 if there are 4 couples / bed shares. Normal rates are:

  • 5 nights £1250
  • 6 nights £1400
  • 7 nights £1550
  • Per night after 7 nights £150

They’re friends, so if we can’t get that many people, they’re willing to do £23 per person per night for a minimum of 7 - as follows:

  • 7 people 5 nights £805 6 nights £966 7 nights £1127
  • 8 people 5 nights £920 6 nights £1104 7 nights £1288
  • 9 people 5 nights £1035 6 nights £1242 7 nights £1499
  • 10 people 5 nights £1150 6 nights £1380 7 nights £1550
  • More than 10, tariff as above and it will work out less than £23 per person per night

The price includes towels and bedding, but if we want to save a bit, bring sleeping bags and your own towels for a reduction of £150 overall for whatever length of stay.

Facebook page:


Thanks for checking this Dave, sounds like a good deal in an amazing old lodge. Nice for Cairngorm!

I also checked that the lodge that I assume the club rented last year, near Ben Nevis north face parking. However, that would require at least 10 people to commit for 7 days in order to get a rate below £30 per night. There are beds there for 14. It is still available for all of February except for the two days 15th to 16th.


So how we turn the above interest into confirmed dates and accommodation


I’d suggest setting up a google sheet and getting people to put their names down with preferred dates and dates they can’t do. Once you’ve got that information all in one place pick a date range and get people to commit.

Sounds like you also need to canvass opinion on which of the two accommodation options would work. The Camisky lodge is amazing and very well located, but you will need at least 10 people to definitely commit and be available for the dates it is free. Put that on the google sheet as well?