Saxony trip 1st of May

Hello dear NLMC members.
I would like to start this thread to get an idea about how many of you plan to come to the Saxony climbing trip in May. There are several options regarding huts and getting around, but this also depends on how many we will be:

  1. Huts in the “Elbsandsteingebirge”. The one I had in mind for the beginning is already reserved and full. Another one is this one:
    These huts are quite inexpensive and fulfill the basic needs. We would need a car to get around or use public transport which would come at the expense of valuable climbing time.
  2. We can sleep outside in so called “Boofen” which are cave like overhangs where we could sleep. Click on the pics in the link to see what it is like. These caves are very close to the actual crags. We would hike from crag to crag and to each cave for the night.
  3. More organised hotel rooms and bed / breakfasts like these,, in the heart of the mountains or a little bit more outside. I have some in mind where I somehow know the owners.
  4. There are also camp grounds fairly close to the climbing areas.

1st of May is also a busy weekend in Germany. Hence, I would like to reserve some places soon already. Who of you is willing to join, and what kind of places to stay would you prefer? How many days should I plan the trip for?

Have a merry christmas time!



Hi Jan

This all sounds fantastic!

I was thinking of flying over Friday evening (29 April) after work, and then leaving on Tuesday evening (3 May). But happy to move dates around as suits the group.

What’s the best airport to fly into? I’m also happy to hire/drive a car. I’d also be happy staying in one of the Elbsandsteingebirge huts and a Boofen.

Looking forward to it!

He Manchi,
thanks for your reply.
re best airports:
I guess Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF) is the best option and then taking a direct bus to Dresden Main station from where one could take a local train directly to the mountains.
Second option would be Leipzig / Halle Airport and then taking the train to Dresden.
Third option would be Dresden airport. The last two options probably dont have direct flights to london.

Happy new year,


Tom and I would really like to come, but for a 3 day weekend as I can’t
take any time off work. We would also ideally fly out on Friday night, but
would return on Monday.

Options 1 and 2 would be great for us accommodation wise. Also happy with
option 3. We would also be happy to share hiring a car.

Thanks for the flight details, @liebnitzky.

I might change my dates for the trip to match @naomi_bessey and @Tom_L going out on the Friday evening and returning Monday… would it be okay if I shared car hire / driving with you guys?

Of course, with Jan as well if there are no other takers.

I have just checked and Prague looks like a feasible option too; slightly closer than Berlin but slightly more expensive. Still under £150 return at the moment though.

I’m psyched already*

*and more than a little bit scared

I Will Try To Organise a cheap hut and one day boofen. If that works out we don’t need a car. I ll keep you updated.
Pls save your spare pieces of ropes and slings from now on. For some challenges, see here:’s_fist


I’ll get practising!

Oh dear Lord…

He guys.
We have an option to book beds (5EUR / night / person) in this hut:
It is in walking distance to the mountains and can be reached easily by train from Dresden / Prague not sure.
It has a small kittchen where we could prepare breakfast. In the little village (Schmilka-Hirschmuehle) are also places to have dinner.
Iam not sure if you would reach the hut still on Friday if you reach Berlin SFX this very night (2.5 hours with bus to Dresden, 45-55 minutes with train to the hut). Pls check yourself:

Anyway, unless there are objections I think it would be good to reserve 5-6 beds for now. I think others who decide later will still be able to join.

Regarding number of days, I originally thought to go “boofen” with you guys (perhaps Saturday night), which would be great to get deeper into the mountains and is a nice experience. However, this would require more gear (sleeping back and mattress) which I am not sure you want to book in the air ticket. Because the climbing in Saxony is so lightweight, we would only need hand luggage otherwise :smile:

Ciao for now,

Cool, thanks for the info. I’ll take a look at travel this weekend. Yes please to booking the hut. And I wouldn’t mind brining my sleeping bag and thermorest for the bolden night…

Hey @naomi_bessey, @Tom_L & @liebnitzky

I’ve taken a look at the travel options for going out on the Friday evening. I’m assuming @naomi_bessey and @Tom_L won’t be able to leave work until after 5pm. Let me know if you can leave earlier as this will make a big difference to the travel options. I’m flexible.

We can get various flights to Berlin (SXF) for around the £120 mark from London (STN or LGW), leaving ~7/8pm and arriving 9/10pm. Normally public transport options to Bad Schandau would take about 4 hours, but it’s too late for this option if we want to arrive on Friday evening. Hiring a car and driving would take ~2 hours.

Prague (PRG) is another option, and I agree it’s ~£150. But again we encounter the same problem with public transport and it’s about the same time by car (~2 hours).

I reckon we go for flights to/from Berlin and hire a car. Thoughts?

I agree entirely.

Rachel and I are interested to come from Friday for the week, with touristing after Monday /Tuesday. Is anyone else interested to go for the week?

Eulee might also be able to join us on this meet, she’s checking to see if work will allow it…

In theory, I’ll be in Font but if the weather plays havoc with plans, then I may come and join you all as a friend is also there the following weekend.

I can confirm that Eulee will be joining us on this meet.

Oops. Somehow missed this thread. I’m also interested.

I’m starting to lose track now. Do we now have me, Naomi, Manchi and Eulee for the bank holiday weekend, Jan, David and Rachel for the week plus John? (for the week?)

How’s everyone’s monkey’s fist coming on?

It’s looking less likely now that Rachel and I will come, due to me greedily using most of my holiday on a Greenland trip…