Saxony 5-13th May 2018

Hi people,
I am going to organise a trip to Saxony this year.

If you like some inspiration, I can recommend reading through this chat thread with photos, information and so on from the 2016 trip: Saxony trip 1st of May

The date for the trip is 5th-13th May. I am currently not planning on doing the whole week but my work situation may permit so. I suggest to decide on either weekend (5th-6th or 12th-13th) plus a day or two on either side. If people want to stay longer, the Saxon National Park is a beauty for hiking and history well worth exploring.

In terms of accommodation, I suggest the same youth hostel as last time (8 quid a night or so).

I can probably bring a car a long. But depending on how many people we are, it might make sense to rent another - but the whole trip can totally be done without cars as well.

In terms of getting there. You can fly to Dresden, Berlin or Leipzig. There are cheap direct buses to Dresden from where you take a train towards the CZ border.

Who wants to come along? Which weekend would you prefer? Who wants to stay longer for climbing / sightseeing?



i’ve heard a lot of good things about the 2016 trip!
really keen on joining this year, however I’ve just submitted my docs for naturalisation so I don’t know whether I’ll be able to travel by May… Hopefully yes, but they say it can take up to 6 months! :unamused:
but if I’m sorted early, I could go for either the whole week or any of the weekends, depending on what others are planning.

I would love to attend, either for a long weekend (the 5th-6th being my favoured), or longer; the area sounds really interesting and exciting.

Hi Peter and all,
I am pretty certain that I will be free for a longer period. So I am available for beyond your indicated time frame.
@Everyone else: Any takers for Saxon adventures? When would your preferred weekend be?



I have a few variables at the moment, but I would very much like to come. I should be able to be flexible on dates.

I can’t rave enough about how awesome the 2016 trip to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains was! I went out with Naomi and Tom, and Jan was our magnificent guide for the long May bank holiday weekend.

Here’s some inspiration:

And here’s some photos of our trip (to show that us mere mortals can also totally rock at it too):


Hi, I’m keen to join for 5th/6th long weekend, also happy to add on day or two to either side of that!

As a local (Dresden resident and regular climber in Saxon Switzerland) please let me add some notes

  1. Welcome to Germany :sunglasses::hugs:
  2. Beware of the notorious Herrentag/Männertag on Thursday 10 May. Pls google for "Wiki Fathers Day Germany, it sums up the foray quite nicely. It is a public holiday. Shops are closed. Some bakers might be open. Try to shop for beer the evening before and enjoy the local youths buying beer by the crates, the cheaper the better :sunglasses: Expect packed trains with boozed boisterous and ranting guys (old and young) as early as 8 a.m…the horror has a name …Männertag. Don’t even try Bielatal then, it’s too close to Czech republic (more cheap beer and even terrain). I did it once, regretting it all through the day.

Rather seek refuge in a somewhere remote uphill area like Zschand or the like where Bollerwagen (hand carts) and bikes are hard to see. Trains run on public holiday schedule. When going by car, drive EXTRA carefully expecting boozy people making crazy decisions around every odd corner. Traffic stops by the police including breathalyzer tests on that Männertag and the day after are common. In the Czech Republi “Fathers Day” is not a holiday (open stores) but of course they stop every non-Czech car for breatalyzer tests, too. On that day I was nearly running out of breath. In turn, Tue 8 May is a public holiday in the Czech Republic.

  1. expect bumpy train connections until May 10, 2 a.m. due to track renewal works between Kurort Rathen and Obervogelgesang. Many connections of line S1 (Dresden-Schmilka-Schöna-Czech Republic) and line S2 (Dresden-Pirna) are canceled, or replaced by bus service (“Schienen.ersatz.verkehr”= literally “Track.replacement.shuttles”, dotted for easier reading of the German “wormword”) ongoing Deutsche Bahn track construction works in Saxony Dotted lines indicate that schedules have changed due to ongoing track works. Please scroll down, there is a filter for dates of your interest. For 5-10 May it forecasts:

"Most connections of line S1 which usually end in Bad Schandau will run further to Schöna and end there with in between stops in Krippen und Schmilka-Hirschmühle (if you plan to take the ferry to Schmilka).Most connections will be delayed up til 26 minutes in various regions. Please not that certain trains in the direction of Pirna will depart earlier than usual from Königstein or from Kurort Rathen.

Some trains will be canceled on Sundays and holidays.

NOTE: Please be aware that roughly every second train between Pirna and Bad Schandau/Schöna will be canceled (read: trains will be even more crammed) but will be replaced by bus service between Pirna and Bad Schandau which stop only in Königstein. (neither in Wehlen nor in Rathen!)

that’s all for the moment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: BTW I’ll be in Cambridge/London from 16 to 19 April you can use Whatsapp to 01782667239 or if you need anything translated or further tips from a local climber :chipmunk:

Enjoy your stay!

Hi all.
So I think that is Peter and Hannah and perhaps Dave and David. I will reserve us some space in the hostel for 5th, 6th and 7th. That will be quite flexible, so plz check flights to Berlin or Dresden. From Berlin airport you can take a bus to Dresden directly (2h) and then a train to the hostel (1h). It is quite cheap transport but will take some time. Happy to assist you with the planning. Will initiate a separate email Chain for this.



@thanks for your tips!

Hi Jan, pls add me to the email list, I’m thinking of also coming. Cheers

I am definitely in and currently thinking on Fri 4th to Tuesday 8th, but have some flexibility. I haven’t looked at flights yet.