Saxony trip 1st of May


I spoke to Jan (@liebnitzky) last time I was at Mile End, and he’s probably going to arrive in Saxony a day earlier.

I think the rest of us (me, @Tom_L, @naomi_bessey and Eulee) will be travelling Friday night and returning Monday evening.

@jrtomlins, what are your plans?

Do we need to start booking flights soon?


Hello all,
an update: currently, me, Manchi, Tom L, Naomi, Eulee will be going 1st of May weekend to Saxon Sandstone for some great climbing.

We will be sleeping in a hut (5€ per night) that I reserved for us close to the mountains: (copy this into google maps: Schmilka 32, 01814 Bad Schandau, Deutschland)
There is the option to sleep even closer to the mountain in little caves:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/41c43e057aceb3ced144aee647cc0e15d317fbd7.png" width="300"

If anyone else wants to join or has more questions, I am happy to answer or put you down for the reservation :slightly_smiling:


Hi Jan, I want to join for the weekend as well (unfortunately cannot do longer due to this pesky school).


We are thinking of looking at flights today. If we find some good ones I’ll post them on chat.
Might be good to have most of the bank holiday weekenders going on the same flight/ to the same destination so we can hire a car together?

@liebnitzky @Manchi @eulee_seow @jrtomlins?


Yes pls Naomi, that would be great!


@liebnitzky , how long are you out there for?
Thursday until ?


He guys,
I will probably arrive a day earlier and leave a day later. so pls plan the car without me :slightly_smiling:


I just tried (belatedly) to book flights. Has anyone else done theirs yet? I seem to have missed the cheap flight window and was wondering what everyone else is doing.


Hi Tom

Sorry catching up with things post Norway trip…

Oh dear, I’ve missed the boat with booking cheap flights too then. I’ll take another look at flights tonight & will let you know if I come up with a Cunning Plan :slight_smile:


By coincidence I am booking flights at this exact moment. Will post times shortly.


I think the best option is also the cheapest - Heathrow to Dresden via Frankfurt at £170 including baggage:

Although there is a change it is cheapest and gets us really close to where we actually want to go. The best direct option is WizzAir from Luton to Prague but that’s £200 + Baggage and would involve a lot more driving.


Sounds good…


Brilliant Tom. I shall aim to book onto the same flight tonight.

BTW, it looks like Eulee won’t be able to join us after all.


Now booked.

I went for the cheapest option (Economy light) which comes with only 8kg of hand luggage. I did however purchase one additional 23kg hold bag which you are welcome to share. Given that we can’t use a normal rack, and only need to take ropes and sleeping bags, I think 23kg will easily be enough for all of us. It was only £24 extra if you want your own though.

I will look at cars next week.


I’m booked on too. Have also gone with the additional 23kg checked-in luggage and happy to share it with anyone else.

@jrtomlins, you still joining us?


Don’t think I can escape early enough on Friday, alas.


This spoof documentary of sandstone tower climbing is hilarious:


I’ve been busy practising the knots!


With a little help along the way :slight_smile:


You should read, particularly this post