Sat - Swanage/Portland/Bowles


so @dadler @Kate_Davis and in my my car 7.30 from colindale tube. Got room for one more if needed.


Sorry. Ignore me. I’m just looking back over the thread. Looks like I have a car full.


See you tomorrow, bright, early and heavily laden!


@jobangles looks like I will be coming down alone, so if someone wants to transfer their stuff and join me then please message me and we can meet up. Will be leaving at about 6:30 from Bishop’s Stortford and then going round the M25…

I am bringing two mountain 60’s that should mean there are enough ropes to leave at least one set fixed for abseiling or escape when Tutu gets to find out why people were asking about prussiking :wink: I should have a double rack of wallnuts, friends and micronuts. I also have a three man tent so there’s a spare space if anyone needs.


Game on!


Dave, roughly, which crag or crags are you thinking of climbing today?

Currently aiming for the same national trust car park at Swanage, but let us know if you’ll be going elsewhere (in the next 2 hours)


Mike - we are going to durlston car park - likely climbing at subluminal today. Your ETA?


My mobile is 07833 435 949


Bit late ; I am more than half way there. I guess I will find you if you go down. I don’t have a guilde book but I’ve climbed once on / next to Subliminal before so shouldn’t be a big problem.


We’re heading to Swanage for today!


Change of plan - we’re all heading to Portland as the weather is less risky. Just parked at Grangecroft Car Park


Was there any prussicking!!!


No prussicking! Clearly didn’t do a good enough job of getting ourselves into desperate predicaments…

Had a gloriously sunny Sunday in Guillemot Ledge. A nice break from being battered by the cold wind on the Portland cliffs!


Nice! Jealous in the damp north! :slight_smile: Ask a certain member about the time we abseiled in 100m just as a freak heavy unforecast rainstorm arrived - he went from first time to experienced prussicker during this journey :wink: heheh (i did take the belays so we could do it in sections - safer to have the second person on belay then is quicker too as they don’t need to take the tie ins on the rope) - v useful skill (and often not done as safely as it could be!) - twice I’ve prussiced out 100m now due to sudden rain! :slight_smile: always annoying! Always makes you glad that you protected the rope well too!!! :slight_smile: so sympathised with the previous swanage story!!!


Evidence of freezing in Portland and basking in the sun in Swanage!


More evidence of sun!


I’m most disappointed at the lack of prusikking photos :slight_smile:


Does look like the Portland crew were avoiding the sunny bits!!


ah no Portland was also glorious on Sunday! I had a good climbing session at Battleship cliff and and found three new friends who want to join the club next year :slight_smile:
@dizz_lizzie can we possibly do a prussiking session at some point, maybe even without the storm, so I know what all the fuss is about?


Amazing :slight_smile: must get back down there soon - and yes of course! When you are up for xmas if not before. Slightly different as well depending if a fixed rope, going back up having abbed on climbing ropes, or because fell off an overhang on double or single rope seconding … (Always entertaining when that happens :wink: not that I’ve had plenty of practice :-D)