Sat - Swanage/Portland/Bowles

Hi all, weather (according to looks like it might be alright this way on Saturday - will drive, ropes etc etc. If there’s good weather for both days, will be up for that also. Room for 3.

Cheers, Andrew
(If the Peak District looks alright, might prefer there - sadly not atm)

I’m keen, esp. on Portland as it usually has better weather. although probably more for Sat only than the whole w/end as I might need to work Sunday afternoon.

Hey @andrew I would be keen, @Kate_Davis may also be as well

Hey @andrew so @Kate_Davis is in, as am I if it is possible. Will be at Mile End tonight if you are around.

Sadly, can’t make it tonight (again), but sounds grand for this weekend. Car might be full now with the 4 of us (unless the weather changes, and we go for the full weekend/Sunday instead).

There’s not quite consistent forecasts for Saturday - might drive to Wye Valley (if it’s dry, and y’all are ok with that). Leaving mine at 5:30am/6am latest (Greenwich) - let me know where on route you’ll be for collection?

@dabarlow and @johnw1 expressed some interest, john might have a car, Barlow could only do Sunday- I think they both will have better visibility later this evening. Easy for me to meet at Elephant and castle whenever (I think that is on your route). Are you thinking a day mission, or would you be up for the weekend if weather is good?

Alternative - indoor at Castle 12 noon on sat. Some of us are meeting for Che’s Birthday with Brownswood pub after (from 3pm) Everyone welcome!

Just a day mission this time (that discount ski accom isn’t going to find itself!) - I could however leave you there if @johnw1 is driving to the same crag…?

Elephant & Castle is grand

@johnw1 can drive it looks like and is in for the weekend, as is @Kate_Davis I am pretty sure. I would also like to climb both days if possible. @Tutu are you still interested for Saturday only or do you not have to work Sunday? I have never been to Wye Valley - depending on what folks think I would also be keen for Swanage just because I know it a bit better, and it seems like it will be relatively warm.

yes it looks increasingly like I can only do sat, unless we’re back sunday early afternoon which is unlikely I suppose. maybe wait till the forecast is more certain before making the final call? it may well rain on sunday…

@andrew, depending on whether you can be swayed to climb Sunday as well, I would propose I ride down to swanage with @johnw1 and @Kate_Davis and if you are only down for Saturday you and @Tutu ride down together. If you want to climb both days we could potentially all squeeze into john’s car and tutu could catch a train or bus back. Or if you are set on the Wye for Saturday only then we can just have different missions. Weather looks decent for swanage.

Hi all - if you are a three on Sunday I’ll drive down and join you. As long as someone comes back in my car to share the petrol burden!

Swanage it is!

So does this mean you are a four on Sunday? @andrew are you staying both days?

If you are going to Swanage, the police are investigating a murder near Dancing Ledge so it might be wise to think about access when making your plans.

Would be interested depending on car/partner situation. Would rather do both days if possible!

awesome @jobangles - come! John is leaving Colindale at 7:30 am tomorrow morning - @Kate_Davis and I were going to meet him there, but I guess a car reshuffle might happen depending on @andrew and @Tutu’s plans. sounds like @guyarnold might join for sunday as well.

We are going to stay at swanage auberge saturday night. for gear, maybe bring ropes and rack if it isn’t a pain? I am bring rack, @johnw1 is bringing ropes, and @Kate_Davis is bringing the ab rope. If you are light on any rack or ropes, let us know as @johnw1 or @Kate_Davis can fill in any gaps.


I’m not yet a member (though I applied, so hopefully soon) but would like to come along. I will bring a car but I might only come back on Monday. I would be going round the M25 and could pick someone up from anywhere easy to get to from there.