Sat - Swanage/Portland/Bowles


there must be an easier way out than prussiking though? would one of those petzl micro traxion pulleys work?
don’t know if it’s just me or the cold weather, but Portland seems to have gotten tougher! I couldn’t repeat the route I’ve onsighted last year :frowning:


Proper equipment (shunt, jumar, croll, grigri, even basic stuff like tibloc or ropeman) makes it a lot less work. Good technique and good kit save a lot of energy…


It gets greasy this time of year! And gravitational anomalies :wink: @ajmorris228 v true - a ropeman 2 lives on my trad harness - some people keep a set of jumars and shunt in their ab rope bag … (Don’t tie it in the middle tho … But that is another story @Peter) :wink: prussicing is not that hard once you know how - good training :wink:


sounds like I’m always missing out on some of the best adventures… the
only time I had a chance to try prussiking at Boulder ruckle after
spraining my ankle down there, I stupidly chose to climb out instead!


I just go climbing a lot - have had hundreds of non adventure days as the more interesting ones! :slight_smile:


Here are some more photos; if someone wants the HiRes version get them from me direct some time.

First day with clear evidence that we were out winter climbing (you can tell from the jackets, the ice axes must be just out of sight)

there was evidence of hope at the end of the day though

for Sunday here’s some more evidence of sunshine

Finally, afterwards, I went and camped on Dartmoor; in fact I managed to go bouldering in between the rain showers, but the only photo I got was during the driving rain in the morning.


Cheers Mike!