Sat - Swanage/Portland/Bowles


@dadler great! Sounds like some car rejiggling could make sense depending on peoples’ plans… happy to be a rack-horse. Extra cams or exotic little nuts most welcome to supplement! :slight_smile:


Anyone coming down with you and needing to get back on Sunday can come in my car.


Hi @mikedlr - the more the merrier, but just wanted to confirm you are happy sea cliff climbing/abseiling/prussiking? Apologies in advance - just asking just because I don’t think we’ve met - but maybe you have climbed with other folks on this thread?


looks like I’m the odd one out since I can only do Sat? not keen on coming back with public transport from Swanage as it takes ages with the bus to Bournemouth and train combined and not worth £50. What time would be the earliest people can come back to London on Sunday? are the current numbers odd or even? @andrew are you going for both days?


This should be a trip where knowing how to prussik up a rope is known.


Dude, I am bringing my petzl mini traxion and a flare gun after last time :slight_smile:


I’m impressed that you are going back so soon. Make sure to take a camera as well as prussic!


Kidding aside, here is where I think we are:

@johnw1 leaves from Colindale 7:30 am. @jobangles, @Kate_Davis and me will ride with John. @jobangles brings ropes and rack, @johnw1 brings rack, I bring ropes, @Kate_Davis brings ab rope. We will stay at swanage auberge - we have all stayed there before.

@andrew I think is coming just for Saturday? If so, then @Tutu and @andrew can coordinate?

@guyarnold comes down Sunday. @mikedlr to confirm his plans - could potentially ride down with @andrew and return with @guyarnold, but you guys can sort all that out in addition to confirming climbing goals are aligned.


I might be able to come for the whole weekend if you guys are odd-numbered and there’s a space in a car which would be back in London by 7-8ish… or is it absolutely impossible?


Hi Tutu, am setting off from mine at 5:45am along one of these routes - where can we meet?,+London+SE3+7UE,+UK/Swanage/@51.3854106,-0.5498431,10.28z/data=!4m18!4m17!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d8a82f02b85a2d:0xf481ae2f0997d582!2m2!1d0.0081331!2d51.4810058!1m5!1m1!1s0x4873061926b019a5:0x9c096a2847a364c8!2m2!1d-1.960769!2d50.608277!2m2!7e2!8j1510983900!3e0!5i2?hl=en


hi @andrew I can get to Elephant & Castle if you go via the M4 route (I know it’s the longest driving option but the only one via central London)
I could alternatively be at North Greenwich tube station at 5:40ish if you’d be able to pick me up from there? it doesn’t look too far from your place and the route via M25 would save us quite a bit of time. What would work best?


Either option is perfect - let me know what you prefer - cheers!


Ok, so for my own sanity:

Dave A
John W (car)
Andrew (car)

Dave A
John W (car)
Mike (car but going back Monday)
Guy (car)

Looks like we are 7 both days, depending on whether Tutu can make it down. I will drive down on Sunday and can give Tutu and Johannes lifts as it seems otherwise they will be stranded. I will bring full rack ropes, and climbing rope I use for abbing.


looks like I’m going on sat with @andrew, I’d only stay for Sunday if I could come back by 7ish, but I’m assuming people wouldn’t finish until at least 4:30pm so it’s unlikely with the sunday traffic… also not sure if Swanage auberge would still have bunks.


@dadler I am probably not leading at any high level on UK trad right now but I should be fine (though maybe a bit slow to begin with) with prussiking out. It’ll be the first time I climb outdoors with the guys from the club but I’ve done plenty of that elsewhere and some sea-cliff climbing (even been to Swanage earlier this year)


so…why do we have to prussik out in Swanage???


Hopefully we don’t! (again…)

I’ll bring my full rack and double ropes. If we’re sans abseil rope, I can bring a hardy 60m.

Will have full rack sans micro nuts and tricams


I’ll bring some random trad gear just so I’m not coming empty-handed.
do we possibly need at least two abseil ropes? which area is the whole-weekend team considering? there are a few routes at Boulder ruckle and Guillemot ledge I had an eye on before spraining my ankle at the bottom of the cliff… so I haven’t done much!


Swanage auberge fully booked! Bring camping gear!


Hi everyone. Just to confirm, I will be driving down on Saturday with @dadler from Colindale tube station. Coming back Sunday. So @andrew and @Kate_Davis you are coming with us right?