Peak this weekend? [Wye Valley actually!]


I updated the title of the thread. Hope that’s okay folks!


okay I’ll keep an eye on the thread to see what’s happening with the lifts!


no worries. Just the second time it’s happened recently.


I’m going to go tomorrow night to make sure I don’t accidentally go to a pub in London and ruin Saturday. Will climb with whichever unpaired up person gets there first?


I guess we should book. It’s @PaulSagar and me for Friday night. I’m guessing you’ll be a late arrival Paul.

I think we have @Pauline, @jrtomlins, @L_Pio, @Max_A and maybe @Tutu as well for Saturday. I’ll call them tomorrow.


Thanks Khalid ! I think Friday and Saturday


Tonight I’ll probably just park up on a quite road somewhere and meet you in the morning. Don’t really need to pay for camping if I’m getting there late and not using the facilities.


Pauline, what gear have you got please? Wondering if we should beg another half rope.


@Max_A - I’ve got two halves, and assume Khalid is bringing his, so we should be good to spot another party between us.


I have zero gear :confused: a single rope 80m that I wasn’t planning on bringing with me but that’s still available in case needed.


Could you and @Max_A please message me your numbers.


Just done that John. I can leave say 4.45pm and be across London. Picadilly line strike which is a pain if going for Hammersmith.

Pauline, no probs, we have enough between us and Paul or Khalid can hopefully lend us an extra rope.



just to put an idea out there… I have never been to these venues. Some classic trad lines, and a smattering of harder sport lines to keep Pauline and Tutu challenged.


I forget where exactly, but worth checking re rockfall at wyndcliff, I’m sure something came down in the not too distant past. My logbook seems incomplete (I’m sure I’ve done more than I’ve logged on UKC) but the Don I remember being good.

If you want to sport climb in the Wye valley, ban y Gor is probably the best bet if it’s in condition and not too overgrown.


Just spoke to Beeches Campsite. We’re booked in.

Instructions on arrival:
Drive down Miss Grace’s Lane to the farm.
Once through the gate turn right.
Go to the end of the field.
Our pitch is on the left with the white stick.
Settle up in the morning.


I would potentially be up for some sport actually. Prefer a trad day at Shorn Cliff tomorrow (Khalid?), but on Sunday I’d be happy to go to Ban Y Gor or one of the venues Max mentions.


Anyone up for doing some sport on Saturday? (perhaps some easier stuff if possible!) I’m getting a lift there and back on Saturday with Guy who is thinking of doing some trad.


one difference is Wynd Cliff gets sun early, Shorn cliffe is shady into the afternoon and under trees anyway.

Sunny Saturday, cloudy on Sunday, so may make more sense to do Wyndcliff tomorrow, assuming we want to climb in the sun.

Ban-y-gor - not been. the photos on UKC look a hell of a lot better than the ones I have in my guide!


Who did you book in? I booked my car earlier (though prob not a big prob if double booked)


He wasn’t interested in names etc. Just suggested that another group would be arriving late too and said we should be next them. That other group could possibly be you: pitch on the right, blue stick!