Peak this weekend? [Wye Valley actually!]


I’ve not done much at byg, but it has some good 7s and there’s at least one very fun 6b+ (steep thing, not far left of Almost Me, which is very recommendable in itself). I have vaguely seen that some of the left hand end has been restricted of late, so maybe check UKC as to what won’t have been climbed in a while as if that’s the case it may have disappeared!


Heading over to the Forest now I’ll chuck my full rack, and half ropes in the van, but still not sure whether will have any free time over weekend. Hopefully. Please let me know where people will be if anyone up for me joining, ta


damn, I’m hesitating :slightly_frowning_face: really wanted to go for the whole w/end and see people, but don’t think it’s feasible and I’m not super motivated to do just one day. What are your climbing plans @guyarnold, @Catrin, @MGarrod? I’m not keen on easy sport routes, sorry Matt. Anyway without gear I’m not a useful addition to the team, you should be even with Chiz joining.


Tutu, it’s not far so sure you could leave tomorrow and get a full day in and get a lift back Sunday. you can still do a weekend. Come along!


would love to come along for two days Max but sadly i can’t really stay for Sunday, too stressful for me to work late after getting back to London… so my option is Saturday but I’ve no gear so a bit useless.


Could I offer a Saturday option? I was planning a weekend of diy, but could squeeze that into Sunday, after a day’s climbing on Saturday.




Sorry I’m going to bail, but Peter you could join Guy&Catrin&Matt tomorrow morning for Sat only climbing

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No worries, it’s probably a bit late now; just got back from the pub…


Pete if you are keen/desperate I can do a day in the Peak Sat. I know itnis late and short notice . My number is +447768905901


Okay. We are climbing at Wyndcliff today @chizharward. Come and join us.


@johnw1 climbing his first E1, The Firebird. Nice one John.


Cheers @Max_A!