Peak this weekend? [Wye Valley actually!]


I’d be keen to join at Wye Valley if you’ve still got any space Guy.


Hi Matt and tutu - if you are both happy to leave Pimlico at 7am and commit to stop climbing at 4pm there is a lift for you!


Think I will drive to the Wye on Friday night and sleep in my van. If @khalidqasrawi is there Friday night guess we will start climbing early Saturday. If not I’ll partner up accordingly, possibly after treating myself to a slow breakfast in Chepstow.


Which BTW means I can take one person back from the CatrinGuyMobile who doesn’t want to leave until Sunday. Presume Khalid can do the same.


@L_Pio and I will be going. Leaving Friday eve and returning Sunday. Space for at least one more passenger in the car.


I was hoping to get off on Saturday but there are loads of cars going already. Is anyone leaving Sat (Khalid?)/ If I can nab a spot with you, then Paul I’d take you up on the offer of a ride home Sunday, as I assume Khalid is diverting westwards.

Other option - John, when would you head off and where from please?

JT and Laura (And Pauline?) going to the Wye,
Khalid would like to head that way to collect a hasty ebay purchase.
Catrin, Guy, Tutu and Matt. (Sat only)

Even numbers if I have that correct.


@jrtomlins where are you leaving from on Fri and what time are you coming back on Sun? I’m trying to work out whether I can manage to get away for the whole weekend, since it’s my last opportunity this year! Also, is anyone happy to do some E2s?

El El jue, 27 sept 2018 a las 15:25, jrtomlins escribió:


I said i’d try to come, but if it’s evens I wont bother


I’m sure I have some hut warden jobs to do if I’m not working anyway.


@Tutu @Max_A flexible about what time we leave and come back. I guess we could leave as early as 5:15pm (but can depart later) on Saturday from somewhere near a tube stop in West London and would hope to be back not too late on Sunday.


I’m waiting to hear if I can pick up my eBay wheels tomorrow evening. If yes, then I’ll travel tomorrow afternoon. In which case any folks that don;t mind an extra couple of hours in the car are welcome to ride with me and I’ll have a space or two on the way back too. If I’m not fetching my wheels tomorrow then I’d like to bag one of the spaces if possible or if anyone else doesn’t want to drive, I can drive.

@chizharward I expect the hut warden jobs can wait… If we’re at Shorn Cliff again, it’s all very convenient single pitch: climbing as a three is not a problem. We didn’t struggle with @Kenny_Straggler last week did we?


@jrtomlins I’m a bit confused, are you leaving on Fri or Sat? 5:15pm or 5:15am? last time i went we left on Sat so either works I assume…


Sorry Chiz, didn’t cut you out on purpose, an oversight on my part.


I think John is saying not too late on the Friday.

i’m laughing at the idea of JT being up at 5am to climb in the Wye. Yes folks, it is that good :grin:


Was planning to head on Friday, but could leave Sat Morning, maybe a bit later than 5:15am though.


Sorry @Max_A I just realised you were also after a space with JT & Laura… was responding from email so didn’t see all replies. In any case, I won’t know for sure until tomorrow if I can do the whole w/end.


Will be going with John and Laura on Friday night. (Will message you guys separately). I think there is still one seat left if maybe Max you don’t want to take your car.


Sorry did not read the whole conversation before responding


No worries Tutu.

As i have to get ready to take gear to work tomorrow, I’ll pack on the assumption that Khalid is collecting wheels, and plan to take stuff with me. Tutu, as you don’t know whether you’re going for the weekend yet, @jrtomlins, can I bags a space please?

Khalid, if you aren’t going early I’ll drive Sat if you like. Tutu, you could take either JTs lift or come early Sat with me or Guy.


Sounds great - I can only do Saturday so leaving then is also good.