Peak this weekend? [Wye Valley actually!]

Winter draws nearer. The temperatures for grit grow riper.

Anyone else fancy a trip to the Peak this weekend? @Max_A and I were floating the possibility last week.

I’m desperate to get a weekend in before the weather gets bad and my teaching semester takes its toll…

North Wales or Pembroke for me please.

I might be about on the Saturday. Getting the last of the limestone sport at raven tor

Yes ! Would perhaps prefer Peak District or North Wales since I have never been there but anything outside of London works for me really.

erm… anyone for Fri-Sat? atm I don’t think I can make Sunday…

Thanks Paul. I’m up for this weekend. Would prefer less driving and so can go Saturday morning. Peak forecast ok right now, so is Swanage and Portland.

@toby and Pauline both expressed an interest. If Peak, can sort bunkhouse accommodation to save the bother of camping if only for one night.

@jrtomlins and I were planning to go to the wye valley! Have car with 2 spaces :slight_smile:

Wye Valley! My new fave place!

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Hi all,

I can’t make it this weekend unfortunately, and, it seems i can’t create a new topic on the forum,

Anyone up to go out the first weekend of October for easy grades?


Wye Valley sounds good as well(Laura and John, can I book a spot in your car if we go there?:))

Let’s discuss on Wednesday at Mile end ?


I’d be up for Wye Valley or pembroke over the next few weeks but cant do this weekend unfortunately!

I’ll be in the Wye (perhaps literally) but not yet sure if working or free

I’m up for the Wye too. Dare I say it, I quite enjoyed it the weekend before last!

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Why oh why, why not the Wye?

@khalidqasrawi are you not climbing with Imaginary Dan anymore?

Nope, I’m not. Dan can’t make it! :frowning:

Why would you go to the Wye if you’ve just been to the Wye?

we discuss the whys and wherefores this evening.

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JT and Laura (And Pauline?) going to the Wye,
Khalid would like to head that way to collect a hasty ebay purchase.
Toby, thinking about it.

I’m pretty easy, will be nice to get away.

Gower is pretty far if leaving Saturday morning, and will take longer to get started. Wye or Peak in that case. Possible diversion for Coronation street?

I’m happy to drive, equally, would be popular here if I left the car.

Catrin and I heading to the wye sat am back by 7 sat pm. Leaving Pimlico 7am. Can give two lifts.

I am keeping an eye on this thread, I fancy a quick hit in the Peak (I live in Loughborough so would make my own way there and back and just have a day there). Looks like there is nobody yet definitely hitting the Peak and that’s fine, I think I have other partners locally but might be nice to meet up (if venue suits my punter ability :slight_smile: )


i’m potentially keen for Wye if it helps for even numbers. I could join Guy&Catrin on sat if there’s a 4th.