Peak District Meet 29 Apr - 1 May

Hello folks,

It’s time to sign up for the Peak Meet, come and sample the gritstone joys or, if you’re a bit weird or really strong, mess about on the Peak limestone instead!

We need to gauge interest and probably decide whether to go bunkhouse or campsite pretty soon, as the Peak seems to be very popular these days!

Meet type: trad single-pitch (grit) or possibly sport single-pitch (limestone) or even trad (limestone), also loads of bouldering

When: 29th April - 1st May

Location: Peak District, probably near Hathersage

Experience level: anything from none at all to loads, grit is easy to top-rope (with due respect to the rock and other climbers) or lead lots of easy routes on, or you can try that gearless E6 onsight and get really scared

Skills needed: lead belaying

Equipment required: basic (helmet, harness, belay device, rock shoes) ideally some advanced (prussik loops, slings, carabiners), bouldering mats might be useful

Signup: Peak Meet 29/04-01/05 - Google Sheets

To be confirmed…

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Is it worth investing in some jamming gloves for this trip? :fist_right:t3:

Yeah. Especially if you want to learn some jamming with me or Lada e.g. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do have one spare pair of size medium someone can borrow

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Do you prefer your routes bold and terrifying or safe but hard work? Crack gloves for option B :sweat_smile:

Crack gloves a definite for great.

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Hiya, I’m booked on the new members meet and would like to sign up to this trip. Can I sign up now, or should as attend the weekend, we establish I have sufficient marbles to come on future trips and then I can sign to future trips?

Hi James, sign up by all means, if you can get down the wall and meet us (and have your belaying checked if we didn’t already) that would be great!

As @George_T would say: “Are you an aid climber? Because crack gloves are aid.”

Get them for sure if you plan cracks, your skin will thank you. Or don’t and leave a blood offering to the gods of grit.


Option B please! :grimacing:

Sticky rubber climbing shoes aren’t aid?

Bunkhouse situation:
I’ve had 3 come back saying they are full already, many of the other available ones can’t take 20+ people. Several campsites are currently closed due to rain/mud, they may reopen in time but it could still be rather unpleasant.

Therefore, as Thorpe Farm is available I have committed to booking it. Because of the numbers (currently 21) we are committed to booking the Old Shippon, which sleeps 28 minimum (plus 4 on the floor if we’re desperate!). It is close to the climbing and also walking distance to Hathersage, although whether any of the food places in town can take a 20+ booking over a Bank Holiday weekend is another matter! We may need to volunteers to cook at least one dinner.

This means the club will be invoiced for £1200 (£400 per night, 3 nights). This will come to £57 each for the weekend at the moment, dropping to £37.50 if we max out the numbers.
The Committee has agreed that the club will pay this, and then anyone wanting to attend the meet will pay the club back. I will add bank details and a Paid/Not Paid column on the spreadsheet a week out from the Meet so we can confirm the final numbers and therefore amount. Your name on the spreadsheet means we consider you to be committed to the Meet and therefore to paying for the bunkhouse. We will not be able to cancel or be refunded if the weather is bad, so please be honest and pay!


Hi Matt,

Sounds good. I can help cook. I can also come in the camper and free up a space in the bunkhouse if necessary.

Re crack gloves. You’ll be fine for a weekend without them if you’ll be doing single pitch trad up to HVS’s. I’ve never used them and had plenty of fun without much unpleasantness!


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Hi Geoff, there’s still plenty of space in the bunkhouse but I am a little concerned about the parking space, we’ll probably have 9-10 vehicles at this rate. Car space efficiency required!

OK understood.

Just put my name down - if it’s not too late / there’s enough room? It also wasn’t clear to me from the spreadsheet whether there were any spaces left in cars, but could have missed that.

If anyone else is up for a boulder for some of the time, then i’d be up for that as well. I won’t have a pad though as a) someone else has mine at the moment and b) doubt we’ll get one in the cars with all the trad gear people will need as well.

Hi Sean, still room, we have 25 people at most signed up. I’ve added a Transport tab to the spreadsheet and make it 9 people needing lifts with more spaces than that available, but drivers do please check and update if you’ve accepted lifts or have less space than I have assumed.

Hiya Matt. Thanks for pulling this all together.

Daft question incoming - is the bunkhouse booked for the Friday 28th?

Will likely head up Friday (as early as I can) if it is. I’m heading back home after the days climb Sunday, in case you need to know/anyone else needs to head South early.

Yes. It’s booked for all 3 nights, Fri/Sat/Sun.

Thanks Matt. Can’t wait.

Thanks Matt

Lada - i’ve put my name down for a lift with you if that’s ok.