Peak District Bouldering Meet 2023 - 25/26 Feb

Put your hands up in the air, it’s bouldering meet time! Is there a better way to brush away the January blues then with some fun times in The Peak District? Wrap up warm and get involved.

Meet type: Bouldering

When: 25th/26th February

Location: Hope Valley area of The Peak District

Experience level: Everyone welcome to join and have a go

Skills needed: Enthusiastic spotting and comradery

Equipment required: Shoes and chalk (and Pads if you have one!)

Signup: NLMC 2023 Peak District Bouldering Meet - Signup - Google Sheets


Looking to hopefully book Thorpe Farm bunkhouse again. Currently there is availability at The Byre (Sleeps 14 including living area) at around £25 each for the weekend. Will check numbers and book soon so please sign-up quickly.

As usual, transport is self organised, so please do check the sign-up sheet and message drivers directly to secure yourself a lift.

Last year there was a curry on the Saturday night. Would welcome input if people would like to do the same again this year or have other proposals?


Thanks Tilly, curry would be excellent, anything in Hathersage as you can walk there!

If Thorpe Fam is not available there’s one in Bamford opposite the Angler’s Rest
Homestead and Cheesehouse | Self Catering Accomm (

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Hi all, thanks for those who have signed up already. Just a note to say planning to book accommodation at lunch to get that secured. Based on the 9 signed up, looks like everyone will fit the in The Byre with a capacity for a few extra to still join (10 bunks + 4 in living area).

Price per head will depend on final numbers but between min £25pp (14p capacity) and max £38pp (based on the 9p signed up).

Please do add your name if you are planning to come, particularly for those who need a bed.

Tom and I are driving up Friday evening. We have space for 2 more, but Tom currently has a late shift at The Castle so won’t be leaving until 9:15. Hoping to get rid of it but can’t guarantee it

Signed up - hooray for bouldering! May or may not need a lift back; I’m going up to the lakes on Monday so depends on whether I can find a floor to sleep on in Sheffield and whether Northern trains are actually running :sweat_smile:

Just to double check on car space - are people including pads in the space available?

Can we rent crash pads somewhere as well? In case we don’t have enough.

I have a crash pad that I am happy to lend, as unfortunately, I am unable to actually come on the meet due to other commitments! Will just have to arrange giving it to someone…

I can get your pad off you, Tilly, if you’re happy to lend it :blush:

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Pad hire in the peak is a bit awkward I think. Best bet would be to check at the works to see if they hire out

I don’t think I’ll be able to make it but if anyone is travelling down from York way, they are welcome to borrow one or two of mine.

Good shout. Have added that to the spaces. I’m going to optimistically guess we have space for 4 (including driver) and a pad. Might get cosy

I’m keen though will have the van - not sure if Jess is free that weekend but might be the both of us. In any case don’t need to worry about the bunkhouse for us.

Ok looks like will just be me. I have two crash pads - but if you want to share you have to come and spot me on Gorilla Warfare at Curbar for at least part of the day :grimacing:

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What is f7A ?

Curbar is a good option generally as has a range of grades for everyone. Probably need to get there early though.

Very happy to get on GW with you Paul, and maybe a couple of others on that block.

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Curbar ? Range of grades? Yes. From extremely difficult up to stupidly difficult. You have to add a grade to all Curbar routes.

I just want someone to spot me so I don’t land on that bloody block!

Routes yes, Richard.

But this is a pebble wrestling meet!

So it is.

If anyone wants some inspiration this is a lovely video