NLMC Annual Dinner and AGM 2018 - 3 / 4 November

Dear Members,

This year, the NLMC Annual Dinner and AGM will be held in Eyam, Derbyshire on the 3/4 November . I’ve attached a letter with full details of the weekend.

AGM & Dinner Letter 2018.pdf (268.7 KB)

For those who haven’t attended before, the weekend formula is similar to a regular meet except you get a dinner, speakers and an AGM thrown in. Most will arrive late on Friday evening. As we’re in the peak district and it’s the gritstone season, we’ve got every chance to go out climbing. This year, David Barlow has kindly offered to give us a talk about the Namibia expedition. I’m looking forward hearing all about it. As usual, there will prizes. If someone you know did something heroic, please let Manchi and Fran know about it ( or

To book, the easiest way is using our online form ( .

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Payment details: North London Mountaineering Club
Co-operative Bank plc
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65666984

Reminder: The working meet is this coming weekend: 13/14 October. The cottage and barn have been looked after for many years. It’s our duty to do our bit. I’ll be attending and hope to see lots of you there. The link to the sign up thread on the forum is here.

All the best,

NLMC President

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Is the accommodation in a mini castle this year?!?


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Sort of

I am very excited for this. Looks like an awesome place.

@L_Pio and I are going. Will be looking for a lift but can drive if needed.

What a shame I cant go. Will be in oz! But looks amazing as always! Big love. :smiley:

Cant wait! I’m also hunting for a lift if anyone has a space free?

Great you are joining us Tom. Remember, partners and friends are welcome too. Don’t worry about lifts. I’ll sort them out on the Wednesday before we go. :slight_smile:

Less than two weeks to go! You better book soon folks! The pub needs to know menu choices.

I’m going :slight_smile: . Need to book it though. Anyone with a spare space in the car that I can take?

Don’t worry about lifts folks. We’ll sort it out closer to the time when we know who is going from where.

I am definitely going and encourage everyone else to aswell; I have been to numerous Annual Dinner weekends over the years and they have all been great; the weather invariably treats us well, but besides that the social gathering, including the dinner always provide fun and amusement. Roll up roll up!!!

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Gutted I’m missing this, already committed to a mates firework party. Sure it will be a great weekend!

I’m hoping to come, but would only be able to leave at midday. If anyone is driving up around that time, that would be marvelous!

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On the Saturday…

Actually I could probably leave early Saturday morning now. That’s my best offer!

Signed up. I never have high hopes for climbing in November but it’s looking like it might warm up above fridge temperature for at least one day :cold_face:

Signed up and paid up. If the cold settles in maybe I can go for a tenth anniversary lead of Powder Monkey Parade with patches of ice all over the useful bits (including the top out) :rofl:

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I’m signed up and going. I think I’ll go up Thursday very late and might come back later depending on weather. Any suggestions where to stay locally apart from the youth hostel which is booked out at least after we are there?

Edit - I’ll almost certainly take a car and a bike inside it so I have up to two spaces.

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