NLMC Annual Dinner and AGM 2018 - 3 / 4 November


There’s a bunk barn near Hathersage.


And also one by the Roaches


I’m coming up early Saturday now with our latest prospective member Gabi, some of you have met her already. Can’t wait!


I’d need a lift back down on Sunday though please


Talking of lift shares, I’ve set up a spreadsheet. Fill this in and tomorrow I’ll allocate passengers to cars where that’s not already done.


15 spaces in cars and 6 needing lifts. We should optimise that a bit.

Shout if you prefer to drive otherwise I might put you in someone elses car?

@Tim, where are you leaving from?

btw I don’t see @Manchi and TIm , @hughmerritt , @Vilius and Ieva on the lifts spreadsheet!


Khalid taking Max, Tim and Sergio (leaving from my house).
Peter taking Jenny and Hugh (leaving from Enfield)
Adam takes John and Laura (west London)
Tim and Manchi taking Pauline and Tom

Leaving two London cars that could combine if they want to / can.
Guy and Catrin
David and Rachel

Everyone else should have their transport sorted.

Suggest every driver organises their car. Shout if there are any swaps / anyone left in London or somewhere else.


I’ve added myself to the spreadsheet, possibly irrelevant or “too little too late” - I was planning to drive myself there and back from Loughborough but in the in the interests of trying to help optimise things then maybe I hop in a spare space, I can wait at the Harvester on A512 (a few mins from J23 on the M1) so nobody has to trawl right into and across Loughborough. Just a thought.


Here’s some info for those staying in the hostel.

The manger is Karen. Check in opens at 4pm, and she will be around til 11pm. She is meant to register everyone who arrives, and so she knows which rooms they are assigned to for fire regs. etc. I’ve pointed out that there may be some late arrivals, so probably an idea to notify Khalid and I if you think you will be later.

For those note familiar, usual YHA arrangements are bedding provided, bring your own towel. There is a cooked breakfast, and a bar selling alcohol (technically it’s not BYOB but, hey, the bar closes and it’s usually tolerated).


Sadly I’m not going to make it due to work. Have a good weekend. Hope Barlow’s not too boring…


Do you really have work to do, or are you just watching the rugby?


Thanks Max. I’m coming on Saturday so I presume checking in after climbing late afternoon/before dinner will be ok?


I’m sure it will be.


Hi all,

General plan today was to go to stanage plantation and check out conditions for some bouldering. Another party gone to Lawrencefield.



Gabi & I are at Lawrencefield now, seen Kenny


@Kenny_Straggler did you leave your nut key? I have one that was left here


Not sure about nutkeys, but we did leave one of his tricams to protect the crux of Three Tree Climb!


No Holly, thanks, I have my nut key.
And indeed failed to free a precious wired tri cam, the next person up Three Tree Climb will have a lucky bit of crag swag


Thanks everyone it was a great meet! Looking forward to AGM 2019 :slight_smile: a few shots from the weekend!


Nice one Pauline! Great day on Saturday - shame the weather didn’t cooperate on Sunday but I guess it is November…