New Members meet April 2018


Don’t forget to write up exploits in the hut log book. Future historians of the club will think only a small handful of members ever did anything.


Fantastic meet, my first visits to the barn and cottage as an official member although I have been many times before always feeling like a bit of an interloper!
Great to meet a bunch of new faces (and a few old old faces too)
And three hours door to door (cheating by not actually living in London) means I’ll be over to Capel Curig a fair few times this year hopefully

Thanks to all the organisers and those who contributed more significant help than my cooker wipe-down duties this morning.
Thanks Jenny for taking the plunge yesterday and going to a venue that the rest of the club weren’t visiting, with a total stranger. Hope your phone has turned up.
Thanks to the veterans for having the local knowledge to take us to Rick Rack Rocks today.



Echoing Kenny’s sentiments, thanks to everyone on the meet for making it such a memorable first trip! The location of the hut/cottage is incredible, and I really enjoyed meeting the other new members as well as existing ones, who were very kind and patient in sharing their knowledge. Particular thanks to Tom @mortim91 for heroic belaying yesterday!


I had an amazing weekend too. Thanks to everyone who came


Thanks all for a great weekend. Special shout out to @Ed_R for masterminding the amazing dinner and to all his helpers. Special thanks also to @bullopolis for his arranging of the weekend and for taking the lead on providing hearty breakfasts.



Sausage Party

Connies on the prowl for an E1!
Martins team is racing up Tryfan.
Sherpa max has a fridge on his back up the track.
Sensei Barlow shows how to keep ropes in hand.
Vittoria and Emma are identikit cursing!
Tom B and Miguel take limestone by storm
Kenny chats to Jenny on holyhead mountain.
In the dark castle Holly and Rich hold fort!
Adventures, adventures too numerous to mention!
All fuelled by chef Ed’s hearty fare
This is new members in Capel
And its one big sausage party…
So beware!


Phew, still recovering from a super cool weekend with an equally cool crowd. Thanks @bullopolis for taking the lead on putting together such lovely weekend (and has anyone mentioned Martin’s Sunday morning singing recital yet?).
Big thanks to our chef @Ed_R for serving not only copious amounts of Sausages but also being inspired to spoil us with a range of delicious desserts throughout the weekend.
Cheers Michael for somehow getting me onto a 3 pitch rock face at Costa del Tremadog and the excellent trad leading tuition throughout the weekend.
Kenny, congratulations for winning the price for the most gear placed in a 4 metre climb. Was it 9 pieces?

Looking forward to meeting you guys and gals in London and on future adventures to come.


9 pieces but three of them were outlaw gear. The more special prize is for not taking many quickdraws with me on this record attempt, and having to improvise some. I have past form with this!

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It looks and sounds like it was a great meet. I particularly like the sausage poem for breaking it down. Thanks for hauling the fridge and microwave up too.
The link for joining is here and it is half price for the first year :grinning: £19.25


Dear Kenny, Thanks for your views and having a good time.

Ricks and Racks a good place to start on, better now that there is a good café in Capel. Now you have had an inkling of washing up etc, you might like to learn how to make tea and cake in them orning to serve Richard Haszko whilst he is still in bed at 8.10 am.

I can teach you the finer technicques of the ropes, Slurp tea, Nepal Tea, naafi tea, Haszkop, drop of sugar, stirred tea. Welcome to the Club.


Allen Bordoley



times have clearly changed, general waking up time was 9am for everyone on Sunday and I had to make some noises in the direction of Tom and Miguel at 10,30am to get my climbing partner up for the day.

Top weekend, and top wurst related poetry Martin.


Looks like the most productive weekend yet.

For sure @Max_A deserves a medal for efficiently getting the fridge and microwave sorted.
A huge thanks to our New Members’ Secretary and resident, Martin (aka @bullopolis).
Also thanks to those that cooker, cleaned, belayed.

If you are new, thanks to you too for giving us a go. I hoped you liked the experience. If you did, joining is easy. I refer to Fran’s message above.


Really sorry I couldn’t be there guys. As compensation here’s a picture of Alex Magos that I took in Margalef whilst spying on him from a distance


any climbing highlights from Margalef @PaulSagar, apart from stalking Alex Megos?
I’m after some beta for the happier times when I can finally travel.


Thanks all for a great weekend. Especially @Ed_R and @bullopolis for all the fine sausage based cuisine :smile:


Very good fridge and microwave - duly tested yesterday :wink: thanks!


Yep, I’ll give you the low down when i see you in person @Tutu . The climbing is superb but very unusual style and the grades are stiff (not least as the bolting is a bit mean!). Failed to send my 7a project but climbed some crackers in the 6s.


so much for their “holiday grades”! definitely want to hear more about Spanish climbing @PaulSagar, i’m hoping to go on a road trip there later this year.


@Tutu I’m planning on living/climbing/working in Spain for a bit in the autumn/winter around either El Chorro or Costa Blanca. No solid plan yet but could be worth keeping in touch!