New Members meet April 2018

Hi guys
Early doors I know, but a placeholder to confirm that the new members meet will be on the weekend of April 13th-15th.
I’ll post a schedule and give further details nearer the time, but get the date booked in! As always its gonna be a cracker! :smiley:

I understand there is also a New Members Meet in March. The weekend after
the Working Meet. Odd timing?

I’m down for that. Would love to get out on some routes again in the beautiful Welsh sunshine*!

@Haszko, I could probably do March too!


*subject to availability

March was a mistake in the calender. TO CONFIRM 13th-15th APRIL.

Ah. Thought it was a bit of an overkill.

Cool. Home or away Martin?

whoop! I’m in, and haz car

Sign me up!

Definitely interested in this. Want to get outdoors! Have a car too.

Hi all
Well, we are a month away so I thought I would confirm the details of spring new members meet!
Its gonna be in our super dooper cottage near capel curig, north wales on the weekend of the 15th April.
The itinerary:
We will drive up friday night from london, perhaps have a tipple and a chat when we get there😉
Breccie pair up then out for climbing fun
Return for a communal meal and some silly climbing games
Then more of the same sunday and home sunday evening.
To keep track of numbers etc i have started a spread sheet;

Can everyone fill in details including experience so we have an ide of good pairings.

As always, the sun will shine, the climbing will be super and the company will be fantastic!

So get your name down and get involved…

Any questions let me know. :person_climbing:t2:‍♂️:sun_with_face::smiley::+1:

I’m definitely coming. I’ve got a car and happy to drive. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Whoop! I’ve got the whole of Friday off so am hoping to set off in the morning, to get some sport or walking done that afternoon. Anyone who wants to join me are v welcome!

Holly, I also have Friday free :slight_smile: and gladly leave in the morning for some afternoon ‘stuff’, but need to head back Saturday night :(.

Martin, not sure how best to relay that in your spreadsheet…

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Hi Martin, will see if I can get up, 20% chance at moment so won’t do teh form filling yet, see you at the Working Meet

All sounding awesome. Spreadsheet not draconian…just helps me keep track if theres thousands…I wonder if moses needed one!? :thinking:

I’ve got the Friday off too :slight_smile: Did somebody say let’s cook up at feast on Fri night? :joy:

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I’m in. Would also be keen to leave earlier on Friday!

Hey there,

been pretty quiet on here and watching events unfold from afar. Would be great meeting people form the club and spending a few days up in Snowdonia.

Hi, I am an “out of towner” member based in Loughborough, so probably not too helpful for lifts (also only got one passenger seat!) but I am keen to join the trip, I can contribute lots of ropes and you could probably make two comprehensive racks out of all my gear if required.
Probably make my own way there on the Friday early evening, from just outside Leicester

well volunteered Ed! I hear your butternut squash pasta is the dogs.