New Members meet April 2018


I really want to go to El Chorro this winter, and a little closer to the time I’m going to put a thread up on here seeing if there is enough interest for a club trip! Love El Chorro so much. (Also, soooo much softer than Margalef!)


ha awesome @Tom_Blake, I have something similar in mind, although I’m keeping my current job which I can do on the road. just need a bit of logistical planning! I have a friend in Malaga and we wanted to do some multipitching on Naranjo de Bulnes.


Naranjo de bulnes is amazing! Want to go back! And to el chorro, chulilla, riglos … spain is great :slight_smile:


Looks like it might be time to make a new thread for Spanish frolics ! :smiley:

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Has anyone been to Montserrat? That place is on my hit list this year. Drooool…


Yes. We went October 2016, a few months before my son was born, and split the trip between Montserrat climbing and touristing our merry way around Barcelona. We thoroughly enjoyed it and want to go back at some point.

I wrote a blog about it at the time -


That’s a great blog, thanks for sharing. I’m hoping climbing in October will be a good time, I quite fancy fairly easy multi pitch stuff but then I’m intrigued by your talk of more trad-like routes on cracks and corners :slight_smile:
I might pick your brain again nearer the time!


I have a reading week in October I’ll be desperate to get away from London during, so keep me posted!


Photos from the New Member’s Meet, featuring @Suzy_Howat, @HollyP, @Kiwi-richard, @Kenny_Straggler, Vittoria, @jobangles and a few more.


Great photos! How was this only a week ago…need proper rock again now.


Great pics, although in the 2nd looks like @ed_r has lost his thumb in the stew!

From mobile


That’s why he looks so surprised in the first pic


Lol. Why do I look so shocked? :open_mouth:


Holly I’ve been out on rock again since then, on Thursday evening on the way home from he office :smiley: bit of a cheat as I am not living or working in London admittedly. Nice granite outcrop overlooking a reservoir, perfect summer evening

Do I get a slap for smugness ? :smiley:

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“Slap” :wink:


Which granite outcrop is that Kenny?


It’s Craig Buddon, overlooking Swithland Reservoir in Leicestershire. Officially no climbing as it is private land owned by ( I think) Severn Trent Water and it is an SSSI, but I only go as part of Of a small group and always ready to politely move on if “challenged”.

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Top weekend! Cant believe a week has already gone! Massive thanks to everyone involved, cant wait to get outside again.