New Members meet April 2018


Indeed it is


I’m leaving from Enfield at 18:00 on Friday. @Suzy_Howat is leaving from Finsbury Park at 18:30. We both have spaces. @MikeB, John and @L_Pio you need to pick a car and get in touch.


6 hours and nobody picked up on the innuendo here?! Good job Inam coming to raise the standards :smiley:

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Anyone short a lift? one or two latecomers @Kiwi-richard and @MikeB … are you guys sorted?


Hey guys! I’ll be leaving Essex (Grays) at about 4pm. Happy to pick anyone up near the M25 on the way!


if thats ok that would be amazing! my number is 07405677830 if someone would be happy for another passenger let me know! obviously happy to split the cost and offer good company - (in my opinion at least)


over to Suzy, David, or Peter… believe there are some spaces still.



@Kiwi-richard If you can get to Oakwood (Piccadilly line) or Enfield Town (Overland from Liverpool St) or Enfield Chase (Overland, different line) for 18:00 you’re very welcome to come with me and Peter. My phone number is in the spreadsheet linked to near the top of this thread.


Not yet. @Suzy_Howat - where are you leaving from? I dunno how to DM on here! thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Mike, I have one space. I’m leaving from Finsbury Park at 6.30 my number is 07962231946. Message me


Probably a bit late notice but I still have 2 spare spots, leaving Stoke Newington (in a very slow van) at about 4:30. Would be happy to do a convenient pick up in nth London if needed. 07791853088


thanks alot guys im now sorted. see you there!


A late entry in the competition for “latest notice” enquiry…

If anyone happens to have a spare climbing helmet that they are able to bring, it would be great. Somehow in my chaotic week, mine escaped my bag and is languishing at home, and I am setting off for Wales straight from work…


There is usually one lurking on the shelves in the cottage hallway


@Kenny_Straggler I’d already put one in


Plan to come early came to nothing. I’ll be arriving late tonight, going via Buxton so probably just before midnight. Can pick up anyone needing a last mile lift. Holly has my number so text me if you want that or want anything brought. If anyone has a spare helmet I think it’s likely I’m going to need it :blush: See you all there.


Yippee I am the first one here to the cottage this evening. On my own. Ha. If people are still more than an hour away I might nip to the pub

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Hi Kenny, we are in the pub (Holly, Connie, Johannes, Ed and Kris)

From mobile


Ooh I’ll be down soon! Kellogg’s Frosties t shirt, unmissable

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Oi! We’re in the cottage, only ones here. should have read the thread!

When you head back give us a shout, we could do with some help with the fridge if you haven’t got anything to carry up the track.