New Members meet April 2018


Any other veggies going? I’m happy to do some cooking!


@Suzy_Howat Where in North London and what time? Looks like there is @MikeB above, @jt @L_Pio needing lifts, and also he and @peter who have cars.


@dabarlow leaving Finsbury Park around 6.30pm. Can be flexible on leaving time if needed


Sadly I can no longer make it to this weekend’s meet… removed myself from the spreadsheet. More space in the cottage! @ConnieB otherwise I’d happily share your veggie dinner.


Wow…i am overwhelmed with the response! Amazing. Its gonna be a great weekend.
In summary:
Me and Vittoria will do breakfasts.
Ed and Chris have sat dinner sorted with suitable sou chef help! Super thanks guys.
Max is bringing a fridge and microwave that we will need to manouvre up to the cottage somehow.
I thnk everyone is now sorted for lifts but shout if still struggling.
Brng warm clothes, your climbing gear inc. Helmet prussic ab and nut key etc.
Sleeping bag and towel.
The code for the cottage is on your membership card.
And perhaps an idea what you fancy climbing so we can get teamed up.
And i think that is it!
See you friday night :smiley:


Whoop! What’s the postcode/location of the hut? Think I’ve missed that info along the way!


The cottage is just a few minutes walk further up the track.


Thanks David




Just a couple of points from a Hut Warden’s perspective, with 30 members and prospective members attending there will not be room for everyone to sleep in the Cottage which sleeps just over 20 comfortably. There is room for a few more downstairs -there are extra mattresses upstairs, so if you plan on staying up til 4am please consider sleeping downstairs, or that others may be wanting to…

We do have the Barn available so will have more than enough room overall. Do consider staying in there, in fact it may be better to cook and eat in there on Saturday night as there are more seats -there isn’t room/enough seats for thirty to eat in the Cottage- and it’s less far to lug the food! There should be everything you need in the Barn.

I’ve asked committee to get another ten knife/fork/spoons for Cottage, otherwise you will need to take some cutlery from the Barn, this MUST be returned or there will not be enough for the groups that stay there. Make sure anything you borrow from one hut goes back to that hut! If we are short on anything, let me know and we will restock asap.

You can take some logs down to the Barn to warm it up, but please do bring any you don’t use back up!

With so many people we won’t have room for all your climbing gear in the Cottage racks, either leave your racks/ropes/bags in the car, or maybe in the Barn Hall where they will be secure. No bags upstairs in Cottage. You will need a sleeping bag and headtorch.

Do please make sure the huts are properly cleaned before you leave on Sunday, don’t leave it to the last person to clear up. With 30 minutes it should take no time at all, get stuck in and help! Take recycling with you when you go to the crag on Saturday (recycling at Tyn y Coed), if you fill our wheelie bin you will need to take rubbish home.

If there is anything broken or any issues do let me know, I’ll be up in a week or so and can fix things if I know about them.
Have a great meet, hope it is sunny and dry

Hut Warden


HI guys sorry for the tardiness … is it too late for another to join and would there be a spare space in someones car tomorrow night? i can bring extra food for dinner etc if we are undercatered for


There should be enough food to go around. I popped to the butcher this morning and bought 66 sausages for sat night so there’s 2 each plus 4 to spare


Thanks @Ed_R,
Regarding food, we will assume everyone is omnivore, unless anyone tells us to the contrary.
I’m vegan, so at the very least will cook something for myself - any other veggie/vegans, let us know!
(@ConnieB, I believe you are veggie…)



@ConnieB is veggie…


Oh just seen your last bit Kris…!


Ah. I didn’t realise that Chris. Are you OK with the meat going in your car? I’ll be packing a lot of sausage :joy:


I could possibly give the meat to Holly in the morning if that’s a problem for you


Ed, no issues with meat in the car, but thanks for asking…


Seems to be a lot of foreign names in the club now.


which is a good thing, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: