New Members meet April 2018


What are you doing to them @Haszko!!!


I’m happy to help with the fridge if needed.

I also have a microwave that I don’t need which I can bring too?

Also saw that trad gear is a bit thin. I have been slowly getting some for when I start trad leading that i can bring. Have set of nuts, offsets and torque nuts and WC new friend cams .5 to 3 just dont have enough biners for it all.


Good to hear dean, i think we will be ok with everything pooled.
Thanks Ed. The club will cover the food for saturday night.
I have got 60 buns, sausage, bacon and eggs and porridge for veggies for brekkie.
Weather watch looking good!


Thinking about it at everyone else can we please have some volunteers to help Ed with food. We will have lots of pairs of hands for prep and cook but really need a wee team to get supplies. Its too much i suggest for one person.
eg. Someone to get veg,
Ed to get pasta and a bit of meat.
Someone get pud. (Crumble and custard?)


I can help Ed.

From mobile


I am happy to help with some food shopping.
How many people are we catering for?
I’ll sort the puddings but I am short on imagination etc so some specific suggestions would be helpful - otherwise I’ll just buy a load of custard and crumble mix and fruit.

Regarding gear, I have an embarrassing surplus rack, could quite easily split down into at least two full racks but none of it is well labelled so we’d have to take care not to muddle stuff up.
I can also bring all my ropes if that will be useful (60m single, 60m single that can be used as a half-rope, 42m single, 30m halves, 50m halves) or will that be overkill? :slight_smile:


It’s fine. Chris is helping me with the food shop. We will get something for dessert on Sat too. I was thinking of doing some kind of casserole and mashed potato for sat dinner because its easy to cook for lots of people. Maybe a sausage casserole or could do chicken. How many people for dinner on Fri and Sat? I’ll do a tray bake cake for dessert


Drooling already. Casserole is a great idea. Shout if you need anything else bringing.


Does anybody know if there are large industrial type saucepans / baking trays at the cottage to cook for large groups?


Hi Ed, yes there are large saucepans and baking trays at the Cottage, only thing lacking is scales to weigh on. Guy cooked three trays of lasagne and several crumbles at the working meet, so there should be enough trays etc, there are more very large pans at the Barn if you did need more, but these must be returned.


Great. Cheers


I can bring some kitchen scales

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Brilliant! Thanks everyone. We will be 30 people!


Great. In that case I’ll do some kind of casserole followed by a big cake


Holy moly! :raised_hands:


If anyone would like to get away a bit early on Friday:

I’ve organised a fridge to be delivered to mine to drive up, will only have space for one passenger, leaving Greenwich c4pm or East London, Bromley-by-bow, from 4.15pm.



@DeanH - thanks for the offer of a microwave, however Chiz says it has to be new or tested by an electrician, so have also ordered a new one.


Pleased to say I can join in the fun too, so I guess that’s 31! :slight_smile:


Hi gang

Is anyone driving up Friday evening, back on Sunday, with space?




I’m driving up from North London on Friday and have three spaces if anyone needs a lift