New Members meet April 2018


Will I need a 60m rope and some quick draws or will there be enough to share?


Hi guys.
@Ed_R looks like you are cool for the am as you had planned as Chris k is also am.
No need for draws and a rope. If everyone brings theirs we should have enough, although a bit thin on the ground on trad gear.
@DeanH In terms of food yes lunch only, we will provide breakkie and a communal meal on the sat night.
We need some volunteers to get supplies.
Any takers?
I am happy to source brekkie.
Weather still looking ok.


Sounds great. I’ll be at the wall tomorrow hopefully so I’ll have a chat to you then if you’re around :slight_smile:


Yup. Will be there :smiley:


Cool. See you tomorrow


I can’t make it to the Castle tonight but am raring to go on Friday! Let me know if anything else crops up; I’m happy to bring food supplies if it’s still needed?


PS I’ve still got a few spaces in my car…roll up roll up! Leaving 7.30am from Oakwood (very north London) - heading straight to the Welsh rock for some Friday afternoon crushing :muscle:


Hi there everyone.
Bit of an emergency. The fridge in the cottage has broken down and we need to get a new one.
If we could get it delivered saturday morning would some strong individuals come forward to carry it up the hill.
I reckon 6-8 people with some scout ingenuity would make short work of it!
As Holly says…ROLL UP ROLL UP ANY TAKERS! :smiley:


We have one of these trolleys:

Shall I bring?


I also have a plug-in cool box if that would help tie us over? I mean no one wants warm beer…


Good thought Holly, thanks, but the road up to the cottage is a bit of an uneven one. Unfortunately I dont think we can avoid brawn and shanks pony! Cool box might be good though.


I’m happy to help.

From mobile


:+1:t2: I’ll bring!


I’ll supervise the hauling of a fridge :smiley:

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Hi everyone. Good news. The barn secretary, the shamazing jo keogh who will be on the meet with us, has confirmed that the barn is free that weekend. So a bit more room for us and also a working fridge if i cant source one in time!


I had a quick chat to Martin about food last night. I’m happy to cook in the evenings. I’ll do some food shopping before the weekend. How many people for dinner Fri? How many people for dinner Sat? Do people have any dietary needs, or things they don’t like? From what I understand Martin is sorting out breakfast but we need to bring things for a packed lunch


No microwave now either


We are hopefully getting another microwave for this weekend, as well as a fridge.

We do have an oven.


touches wood


I can be sous chef. Keep your glass filled etc