New Members meet April 2018


Ha ha. Yea I could rustle something up


Hi everyone,

Vilius Aleksandrovas, a member of the Club, has kindly volunteered to organise some Club merch. Fancy a branded T-shirt or one of our warm NLMC hoodies? Vilius will be taking orders!

If you could give Vilius your order as soon as possible - before Thursday, ideally – he’ll aim to get everything sorted before the spring new members’ meet. See attached for details.

With regards to colours, there was some discussion about having black t-shirts with red logos instead of red ones with black logos. Both are available, simply let Vilius know your preference.

All orders to be emailed to Vilius via:

Happy ordering!


Ordered mine! Yeehaaaa!


Hi everyone. Not long now! I hope all the picture posts from the non font meet thread have wetted your appetite.
So i reckon we are as follows:

Holly plus johanas and connie B in the am

Then pm I suggest the following lifts in no particular order:
Martin, Vittoria, Tom M

Tom B, Miguel, James H

Laura and JT

Chris K, 2 spaces.

Plus a bunch from around the country.
Is this correct. Any more takers?

We will do a communal meal but more details to follow.

Excited?! :smiley:


I would be keen if the weather is good that weekend. so many people have signed up!


I’m leaving Friday am too, but heading back Saturday evening…

From mobile


Hi, I’m interested in joining and meeting some more people in the club. I can drive if needed


Hi all, I’m keen. In need of a lift up from London too.


If Kris and Ed came up in the morning in Kris’s car, I can take Ed back on Sunday (plus Connie/Johanas/whoever).


Hello @bullopolis, thanks for organising. You might have your own system in place but how about we add another column in the excel for phone numbers. That way drivers and passengers can start their own WhatsApp groups and arrange the nitty gritty of the lift (meeting times, locations etc.).

In any case I’m totally looking forward to the weekend.


I am attending, I entered details on the Google Doc but I am not sure if I posted on here!
Still on the same plan, driving over from Leicester Fri late afternoon after work, and back to Loughborough on the Sunday. Don’t know if this fits in with any other potential car sharing - possibly starts to overcomplicate things.
27 names on spreadsheet! Can the cottage take it?!


Also @bullopolis would you mind listing anything we need to bring for the hut - sleeping bags etc. I’m away at the weekend & early next week, so want to get myself organised well in advance! Ta. Can’t wait!


Hi y all
Column added for phone numbers.
In terms of stuff to take. Sleeping bag, harness, belay device and knowledge how to use safely, helmet, nut key, prussic loop and know how to use for abseil, sling and couple screw gates, shoes etc. Shoes for walk ins. Warm stuff. Weather proof stuff. All the usual toiletry stuff towels etc. Whiskey, beer. Lunch stuff.
I am sure ive missed summat but thats gonna be good.


I’d also recommend ear plugs, especially if Martin is having a shandy or two! :slight_smile:

Sorry* I won’t be there, as I’ll be sport climbing in Margalef. But I’ll be at the hut plenty over the summer, I’m sure, so hope to meet many other new members then!

*not really that sorry


:rofl: yup!


As long as it’s not quite the epic of the Christmas curry night :see_no_evil: :smile:


if the club barn is not booked for the meet weekend, those who forget their earplugs can stay there. @PaulSagar are you after First round, First minute? No UKC logbook entries for it yet!


@Tutu, that one seems a bit stiff. Thought I’d head down the road and jump on La Rambla at Siurana instead. Good training for King Bee Crack - but it’s all just so easy when the bolts are already there for you.


good shout @PaulSagar, now that Margo Hayes climbed La Rambla, it might get downgraded… and you don’t have to clip every bolt!


added my number to the spreadsheet. looking forward to it!

@bullopolis so communal meals, just need to bring our own food for lunches?