New Members Meet - April 13th-14th

The work meet is behind us, the hut is looking fresh and it is now time to plan the first New Members Meet of the year!

Please see the note below about prioritising experienced leaders/completely new members in the event the meet is oversubscribed

New Members Meet - 13/14th April 24

If you are new to the club, please contact Matt Sotiras to arrange to meet at the Castle in advance for a hello and safety check :slight_smile: If the meet is oversubscribed we will prioritise sufficiently experienced leaders and completely new…

Meet type: all kinds - easy trad, hard trad, easy sport, hard sport, scrambling, mountaineering, hiking, bouldering - you want it we got it. Suitable for people with no or little experience of trad climbing, as we will pair you with an experienced club member

Dates: 13/14 April (most people leaving London afternoon/evening of 12th)

Location: NLMC cottage near Betws y Coed, North Wales. Sleeping bag, towel etc needed. Free for members, £7 p/n for guests. What3words: ///herbs.educates.inflict

Experience needed: any level

Skills needed: lead belaying

Equipment required: basic (helmet, harness, belay device, rock shoes), plus ideally a prussic and spare carabiners for abseils, approach shoes/boots

Transport: car shares, please book a slot with a driver based on when they are leaving that suits you

Food: communal meal Saturday evening, communal breakfasts, please bring your own food for all other meals. Depending on when you arrive on Friday, you can get dinner at the local pub. The cottage kitchen is fully equipped with fridge/cooker/microwave etc.
We will need cooking volunteers for breakfast and Saturday’s diner. More info to follow.

Looking forward to meeting/seeing you all!


NLMC New Members Sec

Places are strictly limited to 22 people. We only have use of the cottage, not the barn too, so everyone will be sleeping in the cottage unless you make other plans. If the meet is oversubscribed we will prioritise new/prospective members who have not been on a meet before.
If the meet is oversubscribed we will also need to ensure we have enough suitably experienced members around to take new/prospective members out.

NB: if you are new to the club you will need to climb with us on a Monday evening at the Castle before the meet, so we can ensure minimum safety & skills are met.

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Great work Matthias. We should note that the local pub (the Tyn-y-Coed) is currently closed for renovation work but claims to be reopening on 29th March… Tyn-y-Coed | Zip World …keep an eye on it!

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I’m going to put myself down as an experienced member (even though I’ve only done one trip with the club at Swanage last year). Committee/organisers please feel free to move me into the other section if you think that’s better.

Very happy to take some beginners on their first multipitch outing etc…

I’m a new member to the club but not new to climbing. Do I need to come? More mountaineering than rock climbing these days anyway.

Hi Tom, you don’t have to come as part of the process of joining the club, but you can if you want to!

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Hello Matt,

I am not a member of the club yet but would love to join and the new members meet up too.
Are you around at the castle tonight to have a chat?


Hi Yulia,

Both Matt G and I will be there tonight. I will be wearing a NLMC red tee-shirt.

See you later


Hi guys,

Would anyone be free on Monday 1st April for my safety check?

I’m keen to join the club and new members meet but have been out of town past couple months due to personal things so missed Matt at Castle.


Hi Roddy,

I am not sure yet if I will be there as coming back to London late afternoon. And as it is bank holiday it’s closing at 8pm.
There might be some other members though (I would post something on the Monday meet at the Castle chat).

Could you come on the 8th maybe


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Hi Matt,

I’ll try for Monday - hopefully someone can check me :innocent:

On the 8th I’m out of London for work unfortunately. I could meet you another day that week though at castle if needs be!

Hi Roddy,

Are you about this Thursday evening? I will be there with Matt G for a short session from 6 ish


Less than 2 weeks until the meet!

@Hugh_Hudson are you still planning to come and are you happy to drive? If so, can you finish updating the spreadsheet?

Likewise for @tommylees112, if you could just finish updating the diet etc, that would be awesome.

Thanks guys!

We also need volunteers to make breakfast!

Breakfast each morning and dinner on Saturday are traditionally communal in the cottage, so this is your chance to wow us with your culinary skills. Each meal will need a veggie option. Please see the spreadsheet for details.

I will be cooking the diner on Saturday eve as I will be doing my own thing on the day and will be back to the cottage before you lot, so leave it with me (it will most likely be a chili of some sort, with rice).

For breakfast, we usually do porridge and/or eggs/halloumi/sausages and toast.

Matt G and I will be doing the shopping on Friday as we should be arriving “early”, so don’t worry about this.

We will just need cooking volunteers Saturday and Sunday morning!

Looking forward to see/meet you all!

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More than happy to cook breakfast one of the mornings!

How are the lifts sorted out? Do passengers need to choose a driver from the spreadsheet and reach out to them? Or does the trip organiser match them up?

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Thanks @JackCJ !

Good point, please reach out to the drivers and sort out your lift please!

Hi all,

I’m not a member of the club yet but I’d be keen on joining. I normally climb at The Castle 3 times a week and have been sport climbing outdoors for 2 years. I’d also be up for coming on the trip (or added to the waiting list as I think it may be full).

@FrenchMatt I don’t think I’ll be able to make The Castle on Monday the 8th. Would anyone from the club be around on Wednesday / Thursday for a chat/safety check?

If it’s too late notice I can catch people at the Castle at one of the other meets.

Hi Nick,

Yes please add you name to the spreadsheet just in case.

I won’t be able to make any other day next week but there is usually people around on Wednesday evening, so I would suggest dropping a message on the Monday at the Castle,(Castle Monday Night Meets).

If timing doesn’t work out this time, don’t worry, there will be more meets you can join in. And there will be another “New Members one” in September.



Yes still planning on coming! Will finish the sheet nown

I think we will definitely need your car Hugh as most of the drivers are outside of London…!

Everyone! The meet is this weekend and the weather is not looking too bad!

To all still in need of a lift, please contact the drivers and sort it out, so they know whom to expect!

Just updated doc: I have two spaces, leaving from North London on Friday, ideally early (2-3ish?).

Text/WhatsApp me on +447565083390 so we can sort it out.

Edit: I’ll also be at the castle tonight, if you need a partner I should be available, happy to discuss objectives etc.