New members meet 7-9 September


Slim chance I may be able to make it this weekend, would be driving up from Stroud, will have rack/ropes, happy to go out on a mountain route or do single pitch, whatever


Keen to come along on (Friday evening to Sunday evening), have car, trad experience but limited rack/ ropes. Keen to fill the car up/ alternatively hitch a ride in one of the other cars


Hooray! @willboxall could you add your name and driving/departure details to the spreadsheet earlier in the thread? It’s likely we’ll need your car I think.

Great news @chizharward :+1:t2:


I can’t! My I-Phone has an older operating system that won’t let me interact with Google Sheets (I did try)


Ha ok I can do it. PM me where you’re leaving from/time etc.


Hi guys - v sorry but I can’t make this any more :frowning:


Hi people! Could you please implement the spreadsheet with food preferences so that we can organise something for everyone?


Re. picking people for the drive- the best bet is meeting at my flat at 6:00pm Friday (Flat 4, 71 High Street, N8 7QB, closest tube is Turnpike Lane on Piccadilly Line). I can take 3 more passengers


Hi Laura- I can’t update the food spreadsheet (I-Phone issues), but I’m completely flexible on food choices


@L_Pio can’t we all just have pasta and ketchup?


Thanks Will I’ve added this to the sheet


I’ll make a separate pot of ketchup risotto for u!




Hi guys, keen to join this weekend! only sport climbing experience, approx 6A. Open to helping with cooking/washing up! @willboxall could I hitch a ride from you? I can meet at your place at 6 on Friday. :slight_smile: I will add my details into the excel doc.


Hi Fiona - great! Looking forward to meeting you. If you need any more info drop me a message.


Car situation needs sorting folks.

Most people are sorted but at this point, I think we have Fiona, Pauline and Tom without a driver.
Will has one space. I’m waiting to hear back from Michael on logistics because he’s not London located!

Paul and I are planning to stay on until Tuesday evening.


Fiona asked to go with Will, I’ve added this to the sheet. Not sure what to suggest for Pauline & Tom…theoretically I have space in my car for one smallish person but it’s a middle seat so would be quite cosy. And I’m leaving 7am tomorrow…


Happy to take Fiona, as well as John + Laura


Thanks Will


Okay. Haven’t heard from @mikedlr or @Pauline on this Topic for 2 weeks and when I spoke to Tom last night, he said that he is 50/50 for going. I think we can leave it to you three to organise if you can and if @mikedlr can’t make it, there is a possible middle seat ride leaving at 7am tomorrow morning!

@Tutu, you haven’t posted on the Topic but you are in the spreadsheet. I think you too might be a candidate for that middle seat if you rise early tomorrow!