New members meet 7-9 September

Ey up! Time to start getting excited for North Wales in a few weeks - who’s a-coming?!

I’ll most likely be driving up early Friday morning to get some afternoon climbing in (slate quarry ideally, weather permitting). Happy to take people from Oakwood/Cockfosters again (top of Piccadilly line).

@bullopolis could you start your magical spreadsheet?

I have plans with @PaulSagar for one of the days, happy to do anything else for the others!

Hi Holly, I was planning on coming along to the new members meet this time. The Devon trip went really well, so pretty keen on getting out again.

I should be able to get the Friday off work, what time were you thinking of leaving and is the slate quarry you had in mind one of the bolted ones?

Hi @HollyP. Can I grab one of your car spaces if it’s still available?

Hi guys,

I’m definitely up for this, should also be able to take Friday off. Will be my first outdoor meet. Would be keen for one of those car spaces but if full, can also looking into renting a car, happy to drive.



Great guys, I’d be looking to leave between 7-7.30am. There’s possibly room for another smallish person if necessary but otherwise that’s my car full. :+1:

Mark yes Dinorwic quarry is mostly bolted but also has some spicy trad. One particular route I’m keen to try is a bit of a mix. On the last meet we spent the whole Saturday up on The Sidings, which is easy sport. It was awesome.

Cheers for that, will let you know when I get the OK from work. That is an early start! Should mean more time for climbing though.

I’m definitely keen to join. I’ll need a lift if there are any car spaces going?


Thanks Holy. Looking forward for this weekend :slight_smile:

Hi guys.
Unfortunately i wont be able to make this one. Not sure yet our end who is organising, although you guys seem to have it well in hand!
Here is a link to last time spread sheet. Edit/ change to suit. Its important you all put your experience down so that people can get teamed up ok.

It would be great if you navigate anyone you meet here and explain!

Thanks and so sorry I cant make it.


Thanks Martin, that’s a bummer you can’t make it. We will fly the psyche-flag on your behalf :sunglasses:

Am also thinking of going early, and maybe even staying late. @khalidqasrawi, up for some extra days? If not, I’ll probably join you guys in the slate quarries on Friday then head to my parents’ place Sunday night. So don’t count on me for rides at this point, as not sure I’ll go back to London direct.

@HollyP, let’s talk in depth in person/on whatsapp about Saturday schemes. Still keen, but it’s quite a committing route so we should do some practicing of various getting-ourselves-out-of-the-shit techniques in a controlled environment first.

I will go along. Possibly with a bit of extra time at each end (especially late return?). Have added myself to the sheet. If there’s a need for volunteering for veggie food organisation I can help or even do.

Unfortunately @Lukas and I won’t be able to make it.
We are meeting our family in Germany that weekend.
Sad to miss it!

You will both be missed!

Sounds good, for both bits.

I’m planning on coming to this - will fill in the sheet.

Just a thought, but…

…I would be quite up for doing some sport climbing on the Sunday. I’m thinking this might be a good option for new members with little/no trad experience - we can get a lot more routes in, thus a lot more time on rock. Also, leading potential for those who want more of that. Options include: Slate, Pen Trwyn, Panmaen Head/A55 sport climbs.

Not sure if I’ll be going back to London that night, so may all be lift co-ordination dependent relative to who is driving. But just thought I’d put it out there. Thinking @Ladislav, @Mark_W, @HollyP @Sergio_m_a_c in particular might be keen.

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I’ld be keen for some sport climbing as well.

I will fill the spreadsheet tonight.

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If you think that’s bad, I went bouldering in the Pass today…

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