New members meet 7-9 September


Have messaged @Tutu on whatsapp so she sees this


Apologies for the radio silence on this.

I’m afraid other things are keeping me in London this weekend so I won’t be able to join you all in North Wales.

Have a fantastic time though!



unfortunately I can no longer make this trip, I’ve now removed myself from the spreadsheet… hopefully that makes it easier to find spaces for the others!


Hi all,

I had messaged Will about getting a spot in his car earlier this week but I am afraid I will not me able to finish early tomorrow and will potentially have to work on Saturday.

Sad to miss my first new members meet

Have a great one



Hi ;

Sorry for radio silence also. I am just back available. I will message pauline with my phone number. There can be space in my car for at least her and one other. I am willing to leave late from stortford so that should be fine if you just grab the standsted express and we meet there. I will probably pick you up from the station there around 8pm.



I messaged Pauline with my number and saying that I could give her a lift - hopefully she gets it in time - I also messaged Tom but I had to guess which Tom that is so it might be the wrong one. Khalid has my number if that helps with getting a message through.


Van in garage so won’t make it :frowning:




We are in da hut and living the dream!


We are having a rave here



Guys hope youre havin a blast. Bungee is…AWESOME!!!


Nice to meet everyone - hope you all had a good day today. We had a sunny day clipping bolts at Trevor quarry on the way home. Many thanks for letting us stay in the presidential suite. Mikki and Åsa



@bullopolis - bungee jumping, eh? I was pretty much doing that at Tremadog today. Barbarian is really hard.


Tremadog upper tier. Ahoy there climbers!


Lovely to meet you too. Our climb was a bit more wet than yours apparently :joy:


You are right about the weather! Wish it had been as nice as it was on Friday at Holyhead mountain all weekend…

Still a fab weekend though and a lot of fun.