New members meet 7-9 September


I will be coming along as will a friend of mine. Definitely to climb trad. Very happy to take out anyone who would like to try trad for the first time!


Oh it’s like that, is it?


@Catrin Sounds good for the Saturday if it’s going to be a bit more sport focused on Fri/Sun? Sergio would be keen for a bit of trad as well I recon.


I’m up for doing both trad and sport . But very keen on trying to lead a trad route for the first time if someone is willing to bear with me. I know the basics, thanks to Rob and David but never lead before. So yes. Definitely up for it but I don’t have a rack :frowning:


I’m sure a rack can be supplied for you no problem. And we all had to learn once, so I’m also sure it won’t be a problem to find you a belayer!


Thanks Paul. Looking forward for this weekend


Excellent, sounds like we have a good mix of objectives.

We need to plan breakfasts & Saturday dinner: any budding (or existing) chefs out there?


Not much of a chef, but happy to bring a bunch of groceries and breakfast stuff.


Sounds good thanks. We can organise with the drivers once everyone is on the spreadsheet


Happy to cook dinner :slight_smile: Will need to know how many/veg…


Happy to cook.


Great sounds like we have chefs sorted - thanks guys :+1:t2: As far as I can see it’s just Mike dlr who’s veggie. Keep an eye on the spreadsheet for up to date numbers though. I’ll bring porridge for breakfasts but @robertpirouet @L_Pio @Sergio_m_a_c can you sort the rest of breakfast & Saturday dinner between you?

Please check the spreadsheet to see who the drivers are and arrange a suitable pickup. Your driver will also let you know how much ££ to contribute. @khalidqasrawi do you know yet if you’re driving?

I’m sure there’s more info needed but that’s all my brain will allow after a long drive back from Yorkshire!


@HollyP Happy to cook or be on washing up duty. Also fine with being on the veggie list if it’s easier than just doing it for one person?

Do we need to book a pub for the Saturday night as well?


Hi Mark - Saturday evening is the communal dinner, Friday night at the pub is pretty likely though (for me at least). There’s one 5 mins from the hut, we didn’t need to book last time but we could if there’s enough interest. Most people don’t arrive til Friday night so have had dinner already/en route.


@HollyP and @Mark_W pub sounds great


Holly P, Queen of Organisation

I am stuck in London this weekend but seriously looking forward to this trip.


Hot off the press


I sadly can no longer make it :frowning: hope you guys have fun


Wow, great organisation! You look to be 15 so the pub might be a goer if youz wanted to avoid cooking. Best to book. Its the Tyn-y-Coed.
Communal meal is always good though​:wink: Sad to miss it but will join if bungee gets winded off! :+1:


Boo sorry you won’t be joining us Catrin.