New members meet. 31st - 2nd


Yes @Paul_H there is space for you definitely.



I’d like to come on the NLMC meet in Wales next weekend but wanted to know if I can bring a non-member along if I pay for her accommodation?

We have a full climbing rack and while we aren’t able to transport anyone (we’ll be heading over from Brecon) we can give lifts to the crag.




Hi all, I can’t get the car for the weekend unfortunately. Does anyone have a spare place?


I have a spare place @johnw1 - meeting Chalfont and Latimer station at 7pm. That will make 5 in the car if you would like to join us :slight_smile:


Yay! What time and where shall I meet you?


Hi All,

We are definitely driving up from Oakwood Tube car park (N. London), 18:30 on Friday with 3 spaces in the car. We will have 2 double ropes + rack + personal gear.

Keen to fill the car up, so please shout if you need a lift,

07977 477 813.


@willboxall any chance that I can get a lift with you?




blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } No problem Tom- see you at Oakwood at 6:30,


Not sure brining a guest this weekend is a good idea as space will be at a
premium as it is. Is the barn booked? If not that will create a lot more


Cheers @matthewtaylor!


Barn is booked, so not an option for members I’m afraid



Hi all, I will be coming too :blush:
Have car, will be driving from west London (probably westway) around 1700. Can delay or pick up people.
I have three spaces going (though that may be a little cramped).
Will be bringing half ropes, abseil rope and full rack.
Anyone need a lift from west?


Sounds good, can you add me to the list of attendess please?


Are there any others wanting a lift from Oakwood, or thereabouts, as I
still have two spaces?



Hi everyone. Apologies for going off the radar. Was skiing​:laughing: 'What is this…an f ing ski club I here chiz cry!!! :wink: Sooooo shamazing we are about a massive 30 peoples by the looks of things. Bonkers! The members hut sleeps about 25ish but this is cozy. So there are gonna be bodies everywhere! Be prepared!
To help can the two jims(is that right) who were last on the list bring a tent just in case. Ta.
The plan is to do a communal meal on sat night. I suggest something pasta and veg based and easy. @dadler has offered to help. Can you gather and we will all chip in.
@matthewtaylor and I will get stuff for sat for breccie.
For everything else inc. bevvies, make your own plans!:blush: :shrimp:
Weather looks wet, so bring waterproofs (for those not in the know) and strong shoes for scrambling in the mountains. Either that or the Brecon wall …:confused: Nahhhhhh!!!
Looks like everyone is keyed up with a lift but if not, shout!
It’s gonna be great and it’s gonna be wild!!!


This sounds like an amazing meet & I’m sorry to be missing it! Does anyone want to volunteer to write it up for the Club newsletter say 200 words?

Also, please could someone get a group photo for me?


Manchi (club newsletter editor)


Cozy= I recommend a few people bring mats to sleep on the floor. There is also very limited tent space so that’s an option.


there are a few spare mattresses under the bed platform upstairs, but yes to bringing a karrimat or two. I’ll be in my van!

The escaped sheep have mown the grass area, so there is actually a bit of room for tents now


Bit of guidance on what stuff to bring here, if anyone’s not sure:


So excited to meet everyone! Me and @mhobby1979 will bring a tent too so there will be plenty of room in the cottage :slight_smile: see you all Friday!