New members meet. 31st - 2nd


blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hey Martin- is there space for an additional tent outside the cottage do you think?


Hi Folks, haven’t been to any of your previous meets - but @Hannah_Renshall has sold the club and enthusiasm of everyone. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Been climbing for 12+ years, am SPA trained and have safe belay skills etc.I’m traveling from Cheshire/Chester on Friday night, if anyone wants a lift. Plenty of space for lifts over the weekend.

If things are tight for space in the cottage/tents, I’ll happily kip in my car (it’s an estate, so plenty of room!).

See you all on Friday!


Welcome Jay! I’m glad all my hard selling tactics worked :wink: Hopefully you won’t have to sleep in your car - bring a roll mat maybe but me and Matt will definitely camp so you guys can stay indoors. I think lifts are sorted but thank you for the offer!

See everyone later!


Hi, there’ll be an extra floor space as I’m not going to make it up this weekend, gutted. I hope everyone has a great time and hopefully meet up soon. Wye Valley trip anyone…


The small compact and quiet bigger entourage will also be coming, will be
bringing van so won’t take up sleeping space, can sort out own food if too
late /not enough evening meals


Is it too late to join for this? I was double booked but am now free! I’m Kate Davis’ normal climbing buddy, but it would be my first time outdoors. I​ can sort my own travel and don’t mind sleeping on a floor…


Hi Tim. We are pretty much maxed out on capacity but don’t wanna say no. Floor I am afraid will be mandatory! Soz! We are also an odd no. I think at the mo so you may have to climb as a 3. Cheers M


Cheers! I’ve got a tent as backup too. See you there, looking forward to it!


Hi all, not sure who is up there already but Guy, Kate Davis and myself will be arriving around midnight. Kate and I didn’t bring sleeping mats and would appreciate if there are two bunks saved for us :slight_smile: See you all soon!


I’ve arrived but will sleep in my white camper to free up space for the rest of you. If anyone is really desperate for a mattress my van technically sleeps two…
See you at breakfast!



Excellent weekend all - the groceries for breccie/dinner were 90 quid, so if folk don’t mind sending me 3 quid each I can sort Martin out as well (if you haven’t already done so). 16295857, 23-05-80. thanks and see everyone soon.


Thanks for a great weekend all! I’ll be practicing climbing around the tables and chairs in my flat, in preparation for the next meet.

Unfortunately I smashed my phone, so lost the numbers I took over the weekend. I’m on 07855 310 282 if anyone wants to reach me.


No worries paying and many thanks for all the hard work that went into a
great weekend but I thought the club normally reimbursed for these things?


I’ve uploaded photos to - enjoy…


Hi everyone. Thanks for making the meet such a rip roaring success! Super brilliant to see lots of new faces. As we said its either 12 quid for the two nights or better still become a new member through our website for 20 for the first year. You know it makes sense!:wink: Also cos it was so great the club has decided to sub the food. So no money to david!! Yay! Super cool ya!? So get on it…get involved…and see you soon.


Thank you NLMC (James O’Dwyer, Kate and Jim Shelley, and K Davis, email me your details -


The proposal last weekend that the club should buy two bouldering mats to
keep under the cottage stairs was an excellent April Fool joke. I fell for
it. It was a joke wasn’t it?


Of course it was a joke Richard.

They wouldn’t fit under the stairs.
They’ll go behind the chairs in the front room.


Oh, that’s alright then. We need the space under the stairs for bags.


Gathering of old members in the cottage this weekend so expect snoring and a busy kitchen on Saturday