New members meet. 31st - 2nd


I will be at Chalfont and Latimer tube station at 7pm and have 2 spare spaces (I already have Martin B and Vittoria signed up). Does anyone want to join the Deutscherkletterwagen and enjoy the Bullopolis Friday night dance night sound track (Daft Punk anyone?)?


Yes Martin we can definitely stop at Tesco on the way …


If anyone is leaving from (East) London, it might make sense for Johannes and I grab a lift from the same person? Perhaps those with cars can update the spreadsheet with their departure destinations and we can all coordinate from there.


I’ve just added an other column in the spreadsheet “Going with” . So it would be easier to see crew of every car.


@guyarnold , if you’re leaving from Hackney it’d be great to catch a lift with you. I’m in Bethnal Green.


Hi Hannah - yes no problem. I can leave from about 5.00pm, the sooner the better really but appreciate work constraints. I’m on 07815089488.


Good idea Hannah - I’ve updated the sheet with the meeting location and time for those wanting to join my car


Hi Guy - Hackney is ideal for me, so if I could catch a lift with you, that would be great. I can leave any time in the afternoon :slight_smile:

Ps. you may be a different Guy altogether, but are you the Guy Arnold I know from SandM days?!


Hackney’s perfect for me too, can leave any time. Space for another or is that the car full now? @guyarnold @hannahlee15 @Kate_Davis


Hopefully see you early doors then Richard. Although I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to get away early as am on a new site next week


Hi Kate! Yes it is me! Will be great to catch up.

@jobangles yes that should be fine, but I’ll need to check how much space I’ve got in the car. In theory it’s a four seater but it’s a mini and the boot is very small.

@Kate_Davis @hannahlee15 - how much stuff have you guys got? With three people we’ll definitely have to have bags on laps.


@guyarnold: I’ll have a 60L pack and rope, possibly with a separate climbing day pack. If it’s too much of a squeeze we can always see where other drivers are leaving from, keeping fingers crossed for another East London contingent.


Ok in that case I can probably take two of you guys. Hannah and Kate you can have first refusal if we’re going by first come first served


Hello all! I’ve not been to any wall meets but I’ve been climbing for six years and I work with Keogh who has really sold it me, especially as I saw how ace it all is at the film night :slight_smile: I work in central London but can finish a bit earlier and travel to meet anyone who’s driving - if there’s any spaces left!


Would there be space for me in your car @dabarlow? I could jump on the train and meet you guys near Enfield Town.


Sure. We can sort out timings next week.


@jrtomlins would I be able to get a lift with you and Laura? :blush:


Fantastic! I’m good to leave any time, so just let me know :slight_smile:


@Hannah_Renshall you certainly can.


@matthewtaylor - if there’s still a seat going in your car, a lift from Chalfont would be great.