New members meet. 31st - 2nd

Roll up roll up its that time of year. The flowers are bristling, the birds are chittering, and the rock is so so tasty! Yes…it’s time…the new members meet is here!
When: leave London evening of 31st march. Come back evening of the 2nd
Where: our sooper dooper hut in near Capel Curig, North Wales.
What: any gear you have but for sure, harness, helmet, rock shoes chalk and at the very least safe belay skills. The cottage is a bunkhouse so sleeping bag too!
What would be great: any cars for lifts. Any skills to help novices to read.
So get on the thread. Let me know and let’s get this ship sailing to plunder the high seas!

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Hello! I’ve met a few of you guys at the Castle and the recent film evening, and I’m very keen to come along to this meet. Afraid I don’t have a car, but I do have safe belay skills :slight_smile:


Hi y’all I’m up for some plundering. I have a car and can take 4 more plunder-folk with me.

Hi - met a few of you guys yesterday at Mile End. Very keen for this! I have a car and can take 2 more people (boot is small so one seat if for gear/luggage)

I am also in… would be great to catch a lift with either of you, Matt and Guy

Will hopefully be up, but driving from Gloucestershire. Have ropes/rack etc etc

Should also add I have ropes and rack etc too

Yep no problem.

I’ll be there. Not much use for lifts though unless anyone wants picking up
along the m62.

Laura and I are planning to come. Can drive if needed.

Brills! I plan to come with @mhobby1979 but from Yorkshire so if anyone is that way I can offer a lift! :slight_smile:

Would also love to come along, will also need a lift! Can bring some trad gear. Based in Tottenham.

Hi Everyone,
Count me in on this too. Will see if I can get the car for the weekend.

I’m planning on joining - I would be keen for a lift if anyone still has
space in a car


Count me in, no car unfortunately so will be requiring a lift. Cheers!

Hi. Would be very keen on joining if anyone has space in their car!

Hi All! I know some of you from Mile End sessions and I’ve got the pleasure to work with Mr. Bull :slight_smile: . I would love to join you at the new members meet! Unfortunately no car… so I will need a lift as well. Cheers

Hi guys.
Great response!. Should be shamazing so long as the weather plays ball!.
We have 17 people attending thus far.
However a bit of a problem with cars. Only 6 spaces with 5 people looking for lifts from London (including me) and Jo and Matt looking for a lift from Yorkshire, if I am understanding correctly.
JT…do you have a car? Could you drive as suggested?
We are also an odd no. so another member with a car would be PUUUURRRRFECT. Any takers?
Here is a link to a little schedule to keep track. Can you fill in you gear. We usually have tons.

Looking forward to it!

Hi everyone. My wife Ieva and me will be there too! Looking for a lift as well.

BTW - rull rack and ropes.

Jo and Matt, if you are looking from a lift from Yorkshire I might be able
to help - I’m driving from Leeds.

I’ll bring a rack and one half rope.