New members meet. 31st - 2nd


blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Should be able to join with car Mr Bull,


I’m coming too with my car. I’ve updated the spreadsheet


Yes please :slight_smile:
Can you remember where I live?
Happy to contribute to petrol money.


I’d love a lift along the M62! And you know where I live :-p very happy to
contribute to petrol money.


Wow guys…totally shamazing…23 coming. 14 need lifts. We have 12 spaces for comfort and 14 at a squeeze so @jrtomlins if you have access to another car that would be great. Sooper Condooper , it’s gonna be tops! :+1::hugs:x


Should be able to drive. Will pick up from Barnes and return to Hammersmith.


Hey guys, I’d love to get involved! I’m based in East London and climb at the Castle. Hoping to pop down to one of the meets to show my face next week. I’m afraid I don’t have a car. Can bring an 80 meter single rope and sport rack. Hope it’s okay for me to pop my name on the spreadsheet?



I’m working on the 1st but may pop by on the second depending :slight_smile:



I plan to attend; have car if needed, Oakwood tube.


I hope to be there


I’d love to come. Can belay, have car (with room for two more).


Hi Peter, if you are driving would I be able to bag a lift please? Based in Tottenham I can get to Oakwood pretty easily and was planning to take a half day on Friday as well. Cheers, Matt


Sounds like a great turnout, with these numbers it might be worth a couple of us bringing sleeping mats, and possibly even a tent or two.
There are a couple of extra mattresses under the bed platform.


Ho Chiz. Will you be there on Friday in the day?


That should be fine Matt. However, I will be working all day on the Friday,
so I will be looking to leave Oakwood between 6.30 and 7.


Hi Richard, do you mean can I reserve ‘your’ bunk? :wink:

I will probably get there earlier than others, but will have work to do if I get up before 9pm


I shall be there early


Sounds like we need to book some tables in the Tyn-y-Coed for Saturday night, unless a meal is planned in the cottage. Comment?


I think a communal meal I shall planned. Can anyone confirm?


Communal meal sounds good. We can then go to the pub after if people fancy it. @matthewtaylor we could pick food up from the big Tesco again.
Sounds like we are good for cars etc. Next step can people get twinned up for lifts and fill in the schedule. To kick start myself and vittoria are going with matt taylor. Another two from Chalfont Latimer.
It’s gonna be great!! :nerd_face::man_dancing::monkey::gun: