Mile End Wednesday Night Meets

Hi everyone, I’m an experienced climber and new to the group. I’d love to meet some of you :slight_smile: will anyone be at the Mile send this Wednesday?

Hi Olivia,

I am hoping to be there Wednesday night at 6ish

I also plan to be at Mile End tomorrow.

I’m aiming to be here too - prob later though - 7.30 or after.

I hope to be there around 6:30 :), will anyone be wearing a club t-shirt or something that could help me find you?

I don’t but I can wear some pink and purple leggings. I should be pretty obvious in those lol. I’ll be in the gym or rope bay until others arrive to boulder

haha, that’s great, I’ll see you there

Hi everyone, will anyone be climbing at Mile End tonight?

Yes there should be some of us there, about 7pm. I will be wearing this t-shirt: Moon Striped TTS T-Shirt - Men's - Rock+Run

Awesome :slight_smile: I’m aiming to get there for 7 ish

gonna head to ME tomozzo. white vest.

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Hello Im going down to mile end on Wednesday is anyone going to be there? I’m new so hopefully someone can show me the ropes
Thanks harry

I won’t be there tonight, but hope to see some of you on Monday at the castle if you’re around :slight_smile:

Sorry harry missed this. Usually there Wednesday but likely won’t be until mid-may.

How did you enjoy your visit to Mile End Martin? I’ve been a little underwhelmed with some of the setting last few visits.

Hi, I’ve sent a few emails to the new members email address but not sure if that’s monitored as haven’t had a reply. I’d like to join the Wed meet at Mile End but not sure how I’d find people at club there, could I ask please what time the club meets and where

Hi Kat,

I am sorry I haven’t received anything… maybe a glitch between the different email addresses I am juggling with.
I am not of the group going to Mile End, so I’ll let the others answer your question about timing etc.
Give me shout if you have any other questions related to membership or else!

Hi Kat! There’s usually a few of us most Wednesdays. Sam and I are planning to be there Wednesday, although most like rope bay as I’m not doing much bouldering currently. Likely from 6.30/7

I may make an appearance Wednesday as well.

Hi kat, sorry but prob cancelling my plan to climb tonight due to really lacking energy. I don’t know if anyone will be there tonight. May be some at the castle if you weren’t fixed on mile end